Online Gambling: No Deposit Free Bets a Popular Option with Bettors and Bookmakers


Competition is fierce in the online betting industry, with bookmakers and casinos desperately seeking to register new customers and retain existing ones.

There are a number of factors that lead to a customer choosing one bookmaker over another, with brand name recognition clearly still being a major factor for many. In the UK the likes of William Hill, Coral, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power and BetFred all benefit from having a High Street presence that can prove very persuasive when deciding which bookmaker to opt for.

Improved User Interface (UI)

Another important factor is the ease of use of any online betting site. The ability to quickly and easily navigate around the site with just a few clicks is of paramount importance to many potential customers.

Having clearly defined links to be able to move from A to B when depositing funds, moving between different sports and betting markets, placing a bet or making a withdrawal from an account is particularly important to those bettors using smartphone mobile apps whilst out and about.

Market depth is another big issue, with the big beasts of the betting industry such as bet365 offering a vast array or sports and betting markets to select from. In addition, those bookmakers offering the most competitive odds quickly build a reputation on social media and the like with the more informed bettors.

Free Bet Rewards Drives Customer Acquisition

With regards to the more casual recreational online gamblers, the main attraction when it comes to opening a new account could well be the availability of any welcome bonus for new customers.

The vast majority of reputable online bookmakers now offer some sort of welcome bonus to those registering an account with them for the first time. These promotions vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, but the most common form of welcome bonus is one that matches the customer’s initial deposit amount. This might be a 100% match, but can sometimes be lower or higher.

The welcome bonus free bet that is guaranteed to generate interest among casual bettors is the relatively new ‘No Deposit Free Bet’. With a no deposit free bet the customer gets exactly that – a free bet where there is no need to make a deposit prior to receiving it.

It’s an offer that has obvious appeal, coming as it does with no requirement for the customer to deposit any funds, although it’s not quite as straightforward as it might first appear.

So What’s The Catch?

Naturally there are a number of restrictions that come with a no deposit free bet offer. To begin with, the customer will still be required to register all their personal details (this will usually consist of name, address, e-mail address and banking details), prior to claiming any no deposit free bet offers.

Potential customers shouldn’t be concerned at having to provide their debit or credit card details, as this doesn’t mean that any money will be taken from their account – the reality is that there needs to be an account to which any winnings can be deposited of course!

There will invariably be a set period of time within which any no deposit free bet must be used following registration (this varies, but will typically be somewhere between 7 and 30 days). Each such offer will come with specific terms & conditions to which the customer must adhere for the promotion to be valid when used.

As is the case with most free bets, any no deposit free bet stakes won’t be included in any winning returns.

Everyone Wins With Free Spins

It has to be said that no deposit free bets are not a particularly common sight in sports betting, but they do occasionally arise. The amount of any such promotion is never likely to be anything substantial. The bookmaker is offering something for nothing, so they know there’s no need for them to be extravagant in such promotions to attract interest.

With online casinos, such promotions are much more commonplace. They tend to come in the form of no deposit free spins, which will invariably include a requirement that any winnings must be wagered a certain number of times (30x isn’t uncommon) within a set period of time before they can be withdrawn.

There will also generally be a cap on bonus wins, which does limit the potential to make a substantial profit.

In Conclusion

It’s not difficult to understand why, despite the restrictions, a no deposit free bet appeals to the mass market.

From the bookmakers’ perspective these promotions also make sense though, as they are guaranteed to generate plenty of interest on social media and betting forums and, with low stake limits and other restrictions, they can reduce any immediate financial losses to a minimum in the knowledge that there should be plenty of long-term upside.

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