NTT DATA Unveils Greenhouse Gas Emissions Visualization Service

NTT Data

NTT DATA, a global digital business and IT services leader, became the first Japanese company to sign a license agreement with CDP, to use CDP’s global database of the companies’ GHG (Greenhouse gas) emissions for their platform: “C-Turtle™”.

This agreement makes NTT DATA’s “C-Turtle™” the first case in Japan to incorporate processed data from CDP in its system.

By using this service, companies will be able to use the “Company-wide Emission Allocation Method”, a way to calculate their emissions while reflecting the impact of reductions of their suppliers, thereby promoting reduction throughout the entire supply chain.

NTT DATA will continue providing consulting and solutions that lead to GHG reductions, to achieve a sustainable society.

Companies can use two types of calculation method to measure their amount of GHG emissions. The method generally used is to multiply “activity data (amount or value of purchased products)” by “emission intensity (industrial average amount of GHG being released for specific products)”.

However, the drawback of this method is that it poorly reflects suppliers’ emission reduction efforts on their own indirect emissions (Scope 3 Category 1 and 2 (Note 3)). Instead of this, the “Company-wide Emission Allocation Method” can be used, which multiplies “activity data (transaction value with supplier A)” by “supplier-specific intensity (volume of emissions per entire sales of supplier A)”.

NTT DATA has been providing their “C-Turtle™” calculation platform, which is compatible with this “Company-wide Emission Allocation Method,” since February 2022. The data collected by NTT DATA and the data held by CDP can now be combined within the “C-Turtle™”, thus the supplier-specific intensity will be expanded further. This will enable companies to efficiently calculate emissions based on the “Company-wide Emission Allocation Method”.

Visualization Platform

“C-Turtle™”, is a GHG emissions visualization platform (Note 4) that supports all GHG Protocols (Note 5) Scope 1, 2, and 3. It also promotes corporate disclosure in line with recommendations from TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) (Note 6) and applies the “Company-wide Emission Allocation Method”, a calculation method that considers reduction actions of the entire value chain, rather than simply calculating one’s own emissions. Specifically, we support the adoption of the “Company-wide Emission Allocation Method” in “Category 1: Products and services purchased from suppliers” and “Category 2: Capital goods” of Scope 3.

CDP, an authoritative international NGO in the area of climate change, collects environmental information from companies and municipalities around the world. The information they disclose sets the global standard for environmental information disclosure.

As the only premium member of the CDP Supply Chain in Japan since 2022 and the CDP Gold Partner (Note 7), NTT DATA has been considering ways to contribute to CDP’s initiative to visualize and reduce GHG emissions throughout the supply chain. In the course of these discussions, NTT DATA and CDP signed a license agreement based on the shared goal of utilizing NTT DATA’s expertise in the area of system development to improve the efficiency of emissions calculations.

“We are delighted to partner with NTT Data, an organization demonstrating not only IT and digital business leadership but environmental leadership, too. C-Turtle is a product of this collaboration and our shared mission to unlock the power of the supply chain through the CDP Supply Chain program. We look forward to continuing our work with NTT Data, supporting companies to engage their entire value chains to disclose their environmental impacts and, in turn, achieve net-zero,” said, Dexter Galvin Global Director, Corporations & Supply Chains.


The “C” in “C-Turtle™” is inspired by the initial letters of Carbon Neutral and Climate Change. Although it is a platform for measuring GHG emissions, that is not the only goal. A sea turtle has been chosen as a symbol to represent the impact of climate change on ecosystems and the rise of sea level due to the rising temperatures, all consequences of climate change.

By providing emissions visualization services that incorporate CDP’s processed information, NTT DATA will engage with companies to promote the calculation of their emissions, including those who lack experience. Through this service, NTT DATA will promote the visualization of the entire supply chain and contribute to the expansion of environmental information disclosure to CDP, including the CDP Supply Chain.

NTT DATA will continue to strengthen and expand its services to tackle climate change and work on sustainability. By providing solutions and consulting that lead to GHG reduction, NTT DATA will contribute to achieving carbon neutrality for the society as a whole.