NTT, Genesis Healthcare Engage in Business Partnership

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NTT Corporation (NTT) and Genesis HealthcareCo. (Genesis Healthcare) have entered a strategic business partnership, with NTT acquiring shares in Genesis Healthcare.

NTT, an established leader in IT infrastructure and services, is aiming for the driving force behind Smart Healthcare in Japan. The partnership with Genesis Healthcare will accelerate the acquisition, analysis, utilization, and distribution of healthcare and medical data, including genetic data.

Committed to making a meaningful impact on people’s life, the partnership between NTT and Genesis Healthcare will leverage two companies’ wide-range knowledge and expertise of technology, genomic science, and data to build a healthy society that respects humanity and mutual diversity, whereby everyone can access personally optimized precision healthcare.

Together, NTT and Genesis Healthcare will combine their respective expertise and collaborate in the following areas:

Promotion of joint research utilizing genetic data:
Genetic data is increasingly used in R&D to improve healthcare and medical care, including drug development and the elucidation of disease risks. Both companies will promote joint research and development based on genetic data, health checkups, lifelogs, and other data held by the companies, focusing on more than one million Japanese people. By providing statistical data to third-party research institutions, both companies will contribute to further advancement of healthcare and medical care to realize precision medicine and services.

Collaboration in genetic testing and analysis:
Using its expertise in genetic data analysis, Genesis Healthcare will work with NTT to realize a society where individuals can enjoy optimal care based on their data. Genesis Healthcare will provide genetic testing and other genomic related services, including health maintenance, understanding of disease risks, health guidance, and lifestyle modification.

Establishment of a joint-steering committee:
To keep pace with rapidly evolving technologies and social norms, a joint-steering committee will be established to drive synergies between the companies and create specific policies and measures to promote cooperation on ethical, legal, and social matters.