NTT Communications – Reinventing Cloud for Enterprise in India


By Zia Askari

At a time when enterprise community of India is positively looking at embracing cloud infrastructure in order to do more with less, NTT Communications, one of the biggest global IT and telecom infrastructure provider is looking forward to help enterprise reinvent the cloud with the help of its Global Cloud Vision.

Talking about this approach, Masakazu Kobayashi, Managing Director, NTT Communications India says that the company’s global cloud vision aims at optimizing customers existing ICT environment and encouraging innovation.

“We achieve this by supporting our enterprise customer’s migration of their on-premises ICT environment towards cloud or co-location and by providing not only cloud services but also services such as Network, Security, Applications and managed ICT,” he added.

Cloud Transforming Enterprise ICT

As enterprise community looks for gaining better productivity and efficiency levels, cloud computing is transforming the corporate information and communications technology (ICT) landscape and expanding enterprise data communication.

This significant increase in business data traffic is largely the result of new corporate utilization of information and communication technology (ICT).

Corporations are moving more and more of their IT workload, including data storage and management, from on-premise systems to services offered via network.

These include not only infrastructure and platforms as a service, but also software as a service, such as for email and business applications. These so-called “cloud computing” services have been rapidly growing for years and represent one of the leading sources of increased business data traffic on networks. Furthermore, many global corporations are taking advantage of the borderless nature of cloud-based services, which can be accessed anywhere in the world, to significantly increase data traffic across national borders.


According to the results of a study by Gartner, the cloud services market will continue its meteoric rise, reaching 152.1 billion dollars in 2014 and 176.8 billion dollars in 2015. Such growth will greatly expand international data traffic, calling for urgent advances in international network quality and reliability.

NTT Communications is steadily raising global network quality and reliability

NTT Communications is elevating the quality and reliability of its global networks in response to rapidly increasing data traffic across national borders – the result of swiftly evolving information and communications technology (ICT) environments and expanding usage of data-rich content, mobile devices, cloud computing services, etc. NTT Communications is progressively increasing the bandwidth and quality of its global IP backbones.

Moving forward, NTT Communications will continue playing a major role in heightening the quality and reliability of global communications infrastructure and carrying out its mission to maintain and improve networks for society as one of the world’s leading global communications carriers.

NTT Comm Big Value Proposition for Enterprise

NTT Group helps customers to cut costs by integrating decentralized ICT systems with the latest network and server virtualization technologies.

Customers can optimize their ICT environments by using NTT Comm’s group data centers, cloud and network services.

NTT Comm Group High-end security infrastructure help its enterprise customers protect their ICT environments in a better manner.

NTT Comm Entrenching itself in India’s Data Center Space

NTT Communications has 8 Datacenters in India as of now, and we are planning very aggressively to invest more in Datacenter, Cloud Computing and Network Service business in India under Vision 2015.

Bangalore DC2 launched in 2014 is one of the largest state-of-the-art Datacenters in India and has a capacity of 2000 racks.

NTTCom and Netmagic are building 9th Datacenter in Mumbai. It is also one of the largest datacenters in India and has a capacity of 2500 racks.

NTT Comm is planning to open a new branch in Ahmedabad to support companies which are planning to build factories and start new business in Ahmedabad and Gujarat.

NTT Communications is also aiming to get NLD license in India and provide “NTT branded and high-quality Network service” in India. The company will launch the service within 2015.

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