NTT Communications Expands Microsoft Dynamics Offering on Enterprise Cloud


In its bid to deliver cloud-driven business agility and ease of implementation for its customers, NTT Communications is all set to expand Microsoft Dynamics AX on Enterprise Cloud, the cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution provided on NTT Com’s Enterprise Cloud service.

Updated features will be available by October 1 and include additional templates for five types of industries/purposes, strengthened support for deployment in 12 Asian countries/regions, and compatibility with hybrid clouds.

Customers will use the enhanced features of Microsoft Dynamics AX on Enterprise Cloud for agile implementation and deployment, as well as unified management, of secure, reliable ERP systems in the APAC region.

The upgraded services will be offered initially in Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, with eight other Asian locations to follow. Service prices will be provided on an estimate basis per contract.

Hiro Higuma, General Manager, Dynamics Business Group, Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd, said: “Microsoft Japan welcomes the launch of “Microsoft Dynamics AX on Enterprise Cloud”, a global ERP solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX by NTT Com. By adding Microsoft Azure to its global service lineup, NTT Com will be able to provide hybrid cloud services from application through infrastructure to networks in global scale, realizing higher reliability and quality. Microsoft looks forward to promoting Microsoft Dynamics AX by leveraging NTT Com’s industry optimized process templates that enable rapid and low-cost deployment and the operation. Microsoft wishes to continue collaboration with NTT Com in solution development.”


Overview of service expansion

• New templates

NTT Com will add templates for five types of industries/purposes to eliminate the need to customize. The templates will meet specific business needs and thereby simplify and accelerate implementation of Dynamics AX. Detailed customization is still possible, however, to meet other needs. For details, please see attachment.

• Additional support in Asia

NTT Com, leveraging its experience in the Asia-Pacific region and status as a Certified Professional of Dynamics AX, will provide customers with total support for implementing and operating ERP solutions in 12 Asian countries/regions, initially Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Support will include general analysis of each enterprise’s business processes and their compatibility with Dynamics AX, and consultation on each system and network to be incorporated in the solution.

• Hybrid cloud compatibility

Microsoft Dynamics AX on Enterprise Cloud will be able to directly connect with Microsoft Azure and the existing Enterprise Cloud by leveraging Multi-Cloud Connect, an option on the private network service Arcstar Universal One. This compatibility enables seamless hybrid cloud environments incorporating a wide variety of applications from Enterprise Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

• One stop, seamless maintenance services

NTT Com provides Global Management One, its global maintenance and operational service, for Dynamics AX along with cloud computing and network services. The service will include help desks that offer support in Japanese, English and some Asian languages. Enterprises will use the service for globally unified management and operation of their ERP solutions.

Going forward, NTT Com will further enhance its cloud-based ERP solutions with additional templates for specific industries and business needs, as well as launch Microsoft Dynamics AX on Enterprise Cloud in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Myanmar, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and India on a sequential basis.