Nokia deploys 5G SA core for Taiwan Mobile


Nokia has deployed its 5G standalone core network for Taiwan Mobile Co. to enable the operator to provide the most advanced 5G applications for enterprises and businesses, and to strengthen its network services and performance.

The timely deployment includes Nokia’s voice core, cloud packet core, subscriber data management, signaling, network exposure, policy controller, cloud infrastructure, and security management for radio transport. With a 5G standalone core network, Taiwan Mobile can readily provide the most advanced 5G services such as network slicing and smart city solutions that require ultra-low latency and reliability.

Nokia and Taiwan Mobile are long-standing partners and Nokia, as the sole supplier of Taiwan Mobile’s 5G network, is supporting the operator’s ‘Super 5G strategy’ focused on sustainability and digital transformation.

Nokia leads the market in core network deployments, with 25 of the top 40 communication service providers relying on its core network products.

Tom Koh, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Technology Group, Taiwan Mobile, said: “Introducing SA to unleash the full potential of 5G beyond high-speed to further realize innovative use cases enabled by ultra-low latency and massive IoT is our strategic mission in the 5G era. We are delighted to reach this milestone with Nokia to bring the first true 5G network into Taiwan. Owning the agility of network slicing to swiftly customize the network for accommodating different use cases, Taiwan Mobile will be able to accelerate time-to-market to provide a wide variety of services for everyone and everything and to free enterprises to embrace Industry 4.0. The SA technology is built from cloud architecture, infrastructure-agnostic by design, which paves a critical step to a full software agile virtualization network. It unlocks the use cases with distributed cloud for low latency service with local breakout needed. Taiwan Mobile’s true 5G network will become the innovative engine for consumers to experience as well as verticals to deploy applications without limits.”

Susanna Patja, Head of Cloud & Network Services, Greater China, Nokia, said: “We are very pleased that the Nokia 5G Standalone Core network is now up and running, on schedule, for Taiwan Mobile. This provides Taiwan Mobile with exceptional capabilities in terms of machine-to-machine communication, extreme automation, and reliability that enables critical 5G uses for enterprises; and does so with the knowledge that this standalone network will continue to function seamlessly with non-standalone networks.”