New Ericsson RAN Compute baseband makes embracing 5G easier

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Baseband 6648, the latest addition to Ericsson’s RAN Compute portfolio, became commercially available in May. As a next-generation baseband for LTE and New Radio (NR), it enables up to three times greater capacity than existing Ericsson basebands with proven energy efficiency.

Per Narvinger, Head of Product Area Networks, Ericsson, says Baseband 6648 is the natural choice for sites with 5G mid- and high-band implementation as it has been developed for 4G and 5G high-capacity sites.

He says communications service providers will benefit not only from the higher capacity but also simplified installation using 25bps interfaces to new AIR (antenna-integrated radio) and radio products.

Narvinger says: “With Baseband 6648, we are evolving our high-performance RAN Compute solution so that our customers can boost the capacity and efficiency of their mobile networks, enabling them to deploy 5G everywhere.”

Baseband 6648 has been optimized to fit all site types and traffic scenarios, supporting 4G, 5G New Radio and IoT (mixed mode). It has a maximum throughput of 10-15Gbps in downlink and 3Gbps in uplink. To put that in context: a throughput of 10 Gbps enables a 4K movie to be downloaded in less than 30 seconds. It would also enable about 1,700 movies to be streamed simultaneously.

Telstra in Australia and Telia in Sweden are longstanding partners of Ericsson who have successfully deployed the new RAN Compute baseband in their commercial networks.

Channa Seneviratne, Network & Infrastructure Engineering Executive, Telstra, says: “We’re constantly working to utilize the latest RAN technology to improve the customer experience. We value our long-standing relationship with Ericsson and are delighted to have taken part in bringing the latest addition to their RAN Compute family to market.”

Aki Silvennoinen, Director of Converged Access, Network Systems & Delivery, Telia Company, says: “Together with Ericsson we are constantly driving technology innovation in our award-winning radio network. We are therefore thrilled to bring together with Ericsson the latest RAN portfolio to the Swedish market.”