Netcon, Athonet Partner to Launch Private 5G Solutions


IT infrastructure and digital solutions provider Netcon Technologies has launched its Private 5G solutions and services to support Indian enterprises preparing for the Industry 4.0 revolution. The solutions were unveiled at the recently concluded India Mobile Congress 2022 in New Delhi.

Netcon said that it will offer design, deployment, and management of customized private 5G networks for its client enterprises. The company added that its solutions are designed to support multiple use cases and are targeted at a diverse set of industries, including manufacturing, airports, seaports, healthcare, and mining, among others.

“5G will revolutionize the way enterprises connect their assets and operational resources. It will accelerate the digital transformation in Indian enterprises. Netcon would like to play a pivotal role in making the 5G technology accessible to the industries,” said Mahalingam Ramasamy, Managing Director of Netcon.

Netcon also announced the launch of three new products; ChiefNet, Copper and Mavro at the India Mobile Congress 2022.

ChiefNet is a cloud-native ‘Network-as-a-Service’ platform targeted at enterprises. It allows customers to connect, manage, secure and visualize the their critical IT network infrastructure while giving them flexibility to pay as you go.

Copper is an omni-channel communication platform for enterprises bundling three features together: A powerful telephony system, a complete customer engagement platform and integration frame work that offers endless customization for every industry.

Finally, Mavro is a new-age framework that brings together the power of SAP and Web 2.0. It helps enterprises to tightly integrate business processes and web applications with rich User Interface (UI). It is designed to improve productivity, optimize SAP licensing costs and get actionable insights for better business decisions.

“We have invested significantly in creating our own Intellectual Property (IP) for enterprise technologies. We expect these innovations to fuel growth and profitability for Netcon in the coming years,” said Mohammed Ashiq, CEO of Netcon.

The Chennai-headquartered company also announced its partnership with Italy-based Athonet, under which Netcon will offer Athonet’s Private 5G/LTE solutions in the Indian, ASEAN, and MENA (Middle East and North Africa) markets. Athonet is an award-winning technology provider with more than 15 years of expertise delivering reliable, secure, and flexible private mobile networks.

“Athonet & Netcon will jointly work together to provide innovative private 5G solutions for solving industry use cases. Netcon’s strong presence, technology capabilities, System Integration and managed services will provide us a great platform for addressing the enterprise market,” said Gianluca Verin, CEO of Athonet.

Netcon has set up a development team in Coimbatore for developing tools and accelerators for quick deployment and managing private 5G networks, focusing on Industry 4.0. The company employs 400 people, including more than 175 certified technology professionals across its multiple offices in India, Dubai, Singapore and Uganda.