NEC Big Data Solution Ready for Trial at Indonesia’s Medco Power Plant

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Medco Power Indonesia (through its subsidiary) and NEC Corporation will begin proving trials as of April for a system to detect equipment malfunctions and breakdowns at the predictive stage, under the assumption of full-scale introduction of the system by Medco Power Indonesia.

The trials will be conducted using invariant analysis technology, one of NEC’s “NEC the WISE” AI technologies. Invariant analysis technology collects and analyzes large volumes of time-series data from numerous sensors installed in large-scale complex systems such as power plants, manufacturing and petrochemical plants.

It then uses the results of these analyses to visualize the system’s operational status and detect abnormalities at the predictive stage.

In recent times, there are calls for a more stable supply of power in Indonesia due to an increase in the demand for electricity. Medco Power Indonesia has been providing operation and maintenance (O&M) service in the past years and now is taking a further challenge to utilize advanced AI technology to achieve greater reliability in its plant operations.

In the trials, complex plant data–such as temperature, oscillation, pressure, gas flow volume, and power output data–will be collected from thousands of sensors installed at power plants, which form the core of Medco Power’s business operations. AI technology will fully automate the most complex analysis to recognize unusual patterns and detect anomalies early for engineers to take preventive action rather than corrective action.

“Looking ahead, NEC will continue to contribute to improving the safety of social infrastructure such as power, petroleum and chemical plants, which form the basis for daily life in modern society,” said Makoto Akura, general manager, Trading and Service Industries Solution Division, NEC Corporation.