NEAS selects Next Gen NETadmin OSS to automate business processes


Norwegian telecommunications and energy company NEAS has implemented OSS system NETadmin to streamline and automate its broadband service management system.

NEAS, headquartered in Kristiansund, Norway, supplies electricity, internet, television and telephony services to its customers who are increasingly demanding high levels of quality and service reliability.

In order to maintain its status as a leading provider of these services, NEAS has decided to implement NETadmin OSS – a next generation system which automates operational and business processes in the telecommunications sector.


The implementation of NETadmin OSS will also replace several proprietary and manual processes, improving quality and saving money both in the short and long term.

NEAS will use NETadmin´s provisioning, monitoring, inventory and support functions to automate its services as far as possible in FTTH, cable, radio and mobile networks.

“Strong customer growth has resulted in a need for effective delivery processes with automated provisioning and self-service solutions to our customers. We believe that the complete overview NETadmin gives us both technically and in the value chain ensures good quality and efficient troubleshooting and support management. Several of our partners have also chosen NETadmin and this will further strengthen our cooperation and provide synergies within the business sphere”, said Jan Arve Korsfur , CEO at NEAS Broadband.

The NETadmin OSS system is utilized by more than 75 customers in over 15 countries, providing world-class functional support for automated service fulfillment, including inventory and resource management, ticket management, SLA statistics, speeding up network troubleshooting as it offers complete visibility on single and unified web-based system.

“We are very pleased with the confidence that NEAS has shown us. By using NETadmin, NEAS will be able to automate and streamline their business processes and increase the quality and reliability of service provided for their customers”, said Fredrik Alverius, Sales Executive at Netadmin Systems.