Thursday, October 5, 2023
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NB-IoT Innovation: Datek Light Control, Telia Norway drive smart street lighting

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​The new prototype simplifies installation and control of smart street lighting. The result is reduced energy consumption and an optimized system where lighting automatically adapts to the surroundings and lamps report irregularities, provide alerts and maintenance scheduling among other things.

Narrowband IoT, NB-IoT, is a new technology standard especially designed for communicating with things online. When a light fixture is installed in a lamppost, it will automatically connect to Datek’s server via Telia’s network and report its GPS position to Datek’s map application.

“We see that NB-IoT is one of the technologies that can increase the penetration of intelligent guidance systems. In collaboration with Telia we have made a prototype that, in many cases, simplifies the installation of intelligent light fixtures, says Øyvind Sløgedal, CEO of Datek Light Control. “This is a real “plug and play” solution for intelligent outdoor lighting.”

Telia Norway first with IoT in the Nordic countries

“Since launching the first pilot with NB-IoT last year, we have had a great deal of companies wishing to make use of the technology,” says Jon Christian Hillestad at Telia Norway. “NB-IoT opens for a lot of opportunities, and it’s exciting to help create concrete solutions that solve real challenges. We now have examples from farming with smart sheep and smart systems for monitoring irrigation, from the maritime environment with smart pumps, from the urban area with smart flow meters and now smart street lighting.