MTN Rwanda, Seamless Distribution Systems partner to digitize airtime topup

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MTN Rwanda has announced a crucial milestone in their path to digitalisation; on 15 February 2020, the distribution of physical airtime vouchers was successfully phased out in favour of a fully digital solution.

Norman Munyampundu, Chief Sales & Distribution Officer at MTN Rwanda commented on the transition, “This great milestone has been achieved as a result of deploying an Electronic RechargeServices platform that has greatly contributed to the increase of virtual top-up. We at MTN Rwandaare excited about this great achievement and are happy with Seamless for their great contribution tothis exciting journey as we phase out scratch cards and go fully digital.”

The shift was made possible due to the robust backend platform that handles digital distribution. The Electronic Recharge Services platform used and managed by MTN Rwanda was developed bySeamless Distribution Systems AB (SDS). and handles both functional and strategic features of thedigital distribution chain.

“SDS and MTN Rwanda enjoy a prosperous and strong business partnership which shows greatpotential. SDS has been an integral part of MTN Rwanda’s journey to digitalisation, facilitating theirmission to continue pioneering a sustainable and digital future for Rwanda,” said Tommy Eriksson, Chief Executive Officer of SDS.

“Achieving a cashless, truly digital society in Rwanda is a top priority for us. Solutions such as theElectronic Recharge Services platform and Mobile Money are key to accelerating digitaltransformation and boosting environmentally conscious socio-economic growth,” stated MitwaNg’ambi, CEO of MTN Rwanda.

Harnessing digitalisation to boost revenue and grow local economies remains key for MTN Rwanda,who continue to take the lead in championing digital transformation for social good.

MTN Rwanda andSDS are proud of the progress they have been able to achieve in the Rwandan market and look forwardto continued success with the fully digital solution.