Motorola Solutions Showcases Integrated Mission-Critical Tech Ecosystem at LAAD 2023

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At LAAD 2023, Motorola Solutions will showcase its integrated ecosystem of mission-critical technologies – combining voice, video, data and analytics with AI – designed to help provide public safety and defense personnel with a comprehensive 360° view of incidents, even as they unfold.

Motorola Solutions’ ecosystem is relied upon by defense and public safety agencies across Latin America to enhance incident awareness and share intelligence between the command center and first responders in the field – highly complex operations in this vast and diverse geographic area.

Motorola Solutions Logo

The event’s host country, Brazil, exemplifies the challenges with nine countries skirting its border and its rugged terrain including the world’s largest tropical forest.

“Our soldiers have robust and secure communications in both urban and remote areas. By Integrating our Motorola Solutions radio communications with the 4G LTE network, troops increase their capacity through safe and fully connected operations,” said General Correa Filho, the Commander of CCOMGEX.

Colonel Paulo Cesar Gomes De Oliveira Junior, Secretary of Penitentiary Administration for Amazonas, also relies on Motorola Solutions’ technologies to help keep people safe across the network of prisons in Manaus, the largest city of the Brazilian state of Amazonas.

“In the past, our penal police had to monitor multiple screens 24/7 to detect unusual activities inside and outside of our six institutions. In prisons that didn’t have an electronic system, monitoring was often carried out by agents located in perimeter security guardhouses. Motorola Solutions’ video security technology helps to enhance and modernize our operations by giving police officers visibility and awareness across multiple strategic locations, allowing them to be more agile and effective.”

Motorola Solutions Technology Highlights at LAAD 2023

APX N50 – Launching the first time in Latin America, the APX N50 is an advanced P25 radio that’s small and sleek, yet tough enough for all day use in harsh environments. The APX N50 features advanced microphones, a unique speaker design and industry-leading APX audio algorithms, including automatic volume adjustment to suit the environment and ViQi Basic Voice Control for voice-controlled operation.
Barrett Communications – Enable critical communications in any location with purpose-built and highly efficient radio communications that work reliably without the need for infrastructure. An ideal solution to support military operations and disaster response.
Drones-as-a-First Responder – Increase decision-making effectiveness, obtain incident information faster and improve safety on the front lines.
Avigilon video security suite – Make watching live video obsolete with intuitive, AI-enabled video security and analytics that provide on-scene visibility and automatically deliver threat intelligence alerts to operators who can securely access the platform from anywhere and on any device.
VB400 body-worn cameras – Stay connected with Wi-Fi and 4G LTE while recording in full HD and with live-streaming from the frontline. With an IP67 rating, the VB400 body-worn camera is ready for the harshest weather conditions and VideoManager digital evidence management software allows officers to upload and secure storage seamlessly while adding important details including time, date, location and incident data.
License plate recognition – Capture accurate license plate recognition data from fixed and mobile cameras to increase officer awareness, patrol productivity and investigative efficiency.

Integrated Command and Control – Coordinate fully integrated workflows between multiple agencies with CommandCentral, incorporating citizen engagement, emergency response, investigation and jail management capabilities in one complete solution.