Mobile vs PC (or laptop) Which is Best for Casino Games?


Moving to online platforms has definitely revolutionized the world of casino games. Even people who have never gambled in their life have decided to take advantage of all the perks online casinos have to offer, such as comfort and anonymity. Nowadays, there is no need to leave your home in order to play a game of poker or blackjack. Thanks to online versions of these games you can sit in your favorite chair with your favorite snacks and without having to concern yourself with anybody else. Also, online casinos allow you to gamble fast and anonymously. They offer amazing bonuses and payout ratios are much higher than in brick and mortar casinos. Another perk of online casinos is a wide range of games. No matter how big land-based casinos are, they are still limited by their size, while online platforms do not have a limit to the capacity and therefore offer a much bigger and better selection of games. When the first online casinos appeared, most people played games on their PCs. However, as technology evolved, most casino players switched to smartphones and tablets. In fact, according to the latest estimates, more than two-thirds of users connect from their mobile phones. But is it really better to play games on your smartphone than on your computer? Let’s find out. 

Complexity of games

There are two types of games, hyper-casual and complex ones. Casual games involve simple gameplay and repetitive actions, so they do not require your undivided attention and you can play them even during your daily commute. However, some of them have complex graphics so they can be only played on powerful smartphones. On the other hand, complex games are played on larger screens and in places where there are fewer distractions. So, which group do casino games belong to? Well, it depends on the game. Some games, such as poker, require your full attention and focus, so playing them on your PC is a better option. On the other hand, slot games can be easily played on the go, so your smartphone will do the job. 


Nowadays, a lot of casinos offer their mobile versions. Аt Casino Bros you can find a variety of legit mobile apps so you can enjoy playing casino games on your phone without worrying about your safety. Before mobile casinos, users had to play games on their PCs. Of course, playing them on a laptop was also an option, but lugging this machine with you wherever you go just so you could play a game of poker was absolutely inconvenient. Luckily, mobile casinos have allowed people to enjoy their favorite games from wherever they may be, which is the main reason why mobile casinos have boomed since their launch. Therefore, if you are always on the run and you simply do not have the time to sit in front of your computer, playing games on your phone is the best option for you. 

Better performance

Although our smartphones have almost become tiny versions of PCs when it comes to performance, they still fall short when delivering on speed and graphics. If gambling online isn’t just about winning or losing to you, and you want to achieve a full casino experience, your PC is the one that will help you feel like you are really sitting at the table with other players. In addition, playing slots, for example, on mobile will suit any player, but playing roulette and poker on a smartphone might be challenging due to limited screen space.

Limited gaming options

Since computers have more storage space and RAM, they can process the information required for download much faster than smartphones. This is why mobile casinos have had to limit the game selection. However, all the latest games have been developed with smartphone users in mind since casinos are aware that most people nowadays play games on their phones, not their PCs. 

Although desktop computers provide a better gaming experience as their response time is faster, the visibility better and the game selection wider, the numbers don’t lie. Since two-thirds of casino clientele are mobile users, it seems that convenience has tipped the scales.