Are Brick and Mortar Casinos Likely To Go Extinct In The Next 20 Years?


Gambling used to be straightforward, if you wanted to place bets on sports, then you would visit betting shops to do so, if you wanted table games and slots entertainment, then you would go to your local land-based casinos for some fun. With this limited choice, land-based casinos were quite popular, but things like dress codes and the fact that many of these bricks and mortar establishments liked to focus on high roller clientele, put many potential punters off. Then there were limited opening times of casinos, with most of the action-taking place at night. It was safe to say that casinos back then catered mostly for hardcore gamblers and those who just wanted to know what all the fuss was about, only went very occasionally. Quite different to what we have now, where players can easily enjoy winning online at Kingcasino.

A Time Of Great Change 

During the early 1990s developments in technology were about to create massive change across the globe. A lot of people were not ready for what was about to hit, whilst others could see it simmering away on the horizon. The digital revolution swept the world and changed the way we live our lives. The invention of the internet was one of the main developments of the digital age and this brought a virtual world of help, information and useful services right into the homes of millions of people. The digital revolution also had a huge impact on the entertainment industry and this made the impossible possible. 

Gambling Moves Online 

Gambling brands decided quite quickly that if they wanted to survive and grow, then they needed to be part of the new digital entertainment age. For them to compete and make their presence felt, the gambling industry needed to make its products available to the masses courtesy of the internet. The response was the creation of computer software that allowed the first virtual casino to hit the internet in 1996 and the first virtual video slot that was introduced in the very same year, quickly followed this. Both were extremely successful and this created a massive market for online casinos and slots games. These two innovations brought an entire new clientele to gambling. It was a mixture of the young and old, rich and poor and male and female. All these people could gamble 24/7 from their own homes in complete privacy.

Traditional Gambling Left Behind 

With so many new gamblers out there, you would think that some would transfer to more traditional gambling venues, but this hasn’t really happened. Most have stayed put online and others that did visit traditional gambling environments, have followed them to online casinos too. Somehow, despite all these changes, land-based casinos have still survived and this is because of some loyal cliental who still like the social aspect of gambling at land-based casinos. A lot of land-based casinos have branched into the online world and this helps support the bricks and mortar arm of the business and because of this, it is most unlikely that land-based casinos will be extinct 20 years from now.

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