Michael Kors Smartwatch Review: Fashionably Best Android Wear


Michael Kors Smartwatch Review | TelecomDrive.com

The Michael Kors Access line of smartwatches feature best in class wearable technology that can fit into your wrist while at the same time be fashionable to the core.

We reviewed the Dylan version of Micheal Kors Access series and here are our observations.

Micheal Kors Dylan Features

Dylan Smartwatches:
• Display: 320 x 290 pixel TFT LCD transflective touchscreen
• Speaker and Microphone
• Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 SoC
• Water Resistance: 1 ATM
• Strap/Bracelet Material: Silicone
• Lug Width: 28mm
• Internal Storage: 4GB
• Battery: 400mAh
• Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyroscope (for Activity Tracking)
• WIFI b/g/n, Bluetooth Smart Enabled / 4.1 Low Energy

When you hold the Dylan version of Michael Kors Access, you will instantly get this feel that this is big, bold and glamorous. The unique round watchface shows two different graphics to illustrate step progress as well as indicates battery.

On the design side, one must admire Dylan’s chunky lugs, chiseled bezel, and stark, monochrome palette. The design is definitely sharp for anyone who needs that extra bit of vibe from a watch.

Bulky, Big, and Fashionably Yours

This smartwatch sure carries a special weight element and is heavier than an average smartwatch – especially when we compare with others running on Android Wear.

This smartwatch is made up of real-deal heavy metal – the one we reviewed is gold in color and hence carries an extra bit of oomph factor. The crown, while notched and appearing to be made for turning, has no such ability. Crown with this smartwatch works only as press-in button.

Speaking about the display of this smartwatch, the good thing about this display is that, it has transflective properties. This means that when the watch is viewed in direct sunlight, the light will reflect rather than glare.

In addition to the usually Android Wear experience – the Michael Kors contribution to software is an app on the watch that allows the user to put interesting watchfaces in color categories.

Interestingly, the watch also allows users to have their watch change faces depending on the time of day. We thoroughly enjoyed using these features quite easily.

This watch is going to be specially appealing for those who are regarded as connoisseurs of clothing, jewelry, and timepieces most of all.

Wearing Michael Kors Access line can surely be an enticing experience that can compliment any of their cloth lines to the full. And hence, this can be the perfect candidate to deliver their first smartwatch experience.

Final Verdict

This smartwatch – smartly carries some of the best fashion elements along the usual Android Wear features – and hence this should appeal to those who seek fashion with functionalities and of course look for creating their own style statement in bold.