MEF18: NoviFlow Joins OpenKilda Open Source OpenFlow Controller Initiative


NoviFlow® Inc., a vendor of high-performance SDN network operating software (NOS), cybersecurity middleware and programmable network solutions, has joined OpenKilda, an open-source OpenFlow controller specifically designed for use in global networks subject to high control-plane latency, and with a heavy emphasis on latency-centric data path optimization.

Recent years have seen a tremendous and accelerating increase in demand for data networking capacity with carriers and in enterprises. The multiplication of mobile and connected devices, the proliferation of streaming video-based applications, and now the internet of things (IoT) will only increase the challenge of delivering capacity and ensuring quality as data moves from web to mobile to machines. The challenge is even greater for companies seeking to offer services that cross service provider and national borders while protecting data, infrastructure, and identities.

OpenKilda is designed specifically to overcome the challenges of offering services across geographic and network boundaries, leveraging SDN’s capabilities to intelligently manage flows and dynamically respond changing traffic patterns as well as the conditions of LAN and WAN infrastructure. Key design considerations of OpenKilda include:

•Scale: Designed for a Global network in which both the data plane and control plane can scale. Kilda can control up to a 10,000 switch network with 16 million flows
•Network Sate: Multiple datapoints are collected for comprehensive end-to-end network state.
•Self-healing: Enables networks to automatically recover from equipment and link failures
•Telemetry: Kilda provides stats collection and visualization to help you manage your global network
•Path Computation Engine: OpenKilda includes a Path Computation Engine (PCE) with dynamic customer provisioning
•Graphical User Interface: OpenKilda includes a graphical interface to configuration, telemetry and state monitoring

Designed by network operators for use by network operators, OpenKilda has already been commercially deployed around the world with NoviFlow’s NoviSwitches, including one deployment with 23 points-of-presence in 11 countries.

According to Jim Fagan, Director of Global Platforms at Telstra: “We’re pleased to see that community support for OpenKilda is growing and that companies like NoviFlow are investing in an open-source project initiated by Telstra”.

Jon Vestal, Lead Architect of OpenKilda, “NoviFlow’s pioneering experience with programmable match-action pipelines, especially in the telecoms and service-provider markets, will be of great benefit to OpenKilda and all members of its open ecosystem. NoviFlow is contributing the time and expertise of two of its leading SDN and OpenFlow experts to sit as members of our architecture review board. We see this as an expression of confidence in the OpenKilda Controller, our organization, and in our efforts to an efficient, flexible and cost-effective SDN-controller solution that scales to address even the largest deployments.”

Says Dominique Jodoin, President, and CEO of NoviFlow: “NoviFlow’s participation in OpenKilda is part of our ongoing commitment to ensure that our products support the widest range of Open Source OpenFlow controllers, and the use cases and usage models that each one enables. OpenKilda neatly fills a gap in the market by solving key problems faced by network operators in deploying end-to-end services that cross WAN and network boundaries. In a world where fluid and flexible information technologies are increasingly the key to success in globalized business, OpenKilda provides a compelling new SDN-based option for both existing and greenfield networks, with unprecedented price performance and scalability.”

The OpenKilda OpenFlow Controller will be presented at the NoviFlow booth (#112), October 29 to November 1, 2018 at MEF18 in Los Angeles, CA.