MEF18: Fujitsu Unveils MicroApplications Practice to Deliver Automated, Precision Solutions

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Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc. has launched its MicroApplications Practice to help network operators transform their software approach, allowing faster and more cost-effective solutions for networking challenges.

With microservices architecture, network operators can leverage continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) development methodology to evolve from monolithic software stacks to container-based, modular pieces of code.

This agile approach allows flexible, automated applications to be developed for specific functions and deployed quickly, reducing time to market and increasing scalability across the cloud on a global level, while using fewer hardware resources for greater cost-efficiency.

Fujitsu’s MicroApplications Practice leverages the benefits of microservices architecture with a collaborative approach for developing applications tailored to a provider’s unique needs. In some cases, a single microservice is sufficient to address a particular need. For other circumstances, a more robust MicroApplication is required.

Important Elements

Microservices — Fujitsu microservices are standalone, container-based, single-function software modules designed to speed development cycles to meet today’s networking challenges. Each service is developed, tested and scaled independently to optimize its performance.

MicroApplications — MicroApplications are pre-packaged microservices, bundled with workflow automation and application programming interface (API) integration tailored to a customer’s ecosystem. Fujitsu MicroApplications also include a user interface to address the functions required to administer the solution.

Warrior Framework — Fujitsu’s open-source automation framework enables the flexible development and deployment of MicroApplications. In addition to a basic framework for administration and configuration of applications, it includes an extensive library of pre-developed scripts to speed development, as well as a robust set of networking protocol support.

Network Services — Fujitsu offers a full suite of services for MicroApplications, including design and build, multivendor integration, deployment, and maintenance and support, using a consultative approach to develop the use cases and define the requirements. After deployment, Fujitsu provides software configuration and lifecycle management services as well as technical support and NOC services.

“Through the power of collaboration and advanced, open-source digital technologies, Fujitsu delivers the most effective MicroApplications solutions for each unique customer challenge,” said Rod Naphan, chief technology officer at Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc. “Our MicroApplications Practice provides network operators a simplified path to more efficient network operations and increased service agility.”

“Legacy architecture frameworks and insufficient software development-savvy staff can hinder communications service provider (CSP) network transformation,” said Dana Cooperson, Research Director at Analysys Mason. “Microservice-based deployments can help CSPs cost-effectively evolve their networks, while vendors’ professional services can help CSPs jump-start their transformations. Vendor solutions such as Fujitsu’s new MicroApplications Practice can enable efficient creation of the modular applications that CSPs need to meet key strategic goals such as being fast to market with new 5G-based services.”

Fujitsu is showcasing its MicroApplications Practice at the ongoing MEF18 conference. Fujitsu is located at Booth #301 at the MEF18 conference, October 29-November 2 in Los Angeles.