MEF – Realizing the ‘Assured Services Across Automated Networks’ Opportunity


MEF is ideally poised to help operators achieve the Next Generation Growth and address the $250 billion opportunity

Nan Chen, President, MEF talks about – Enabling Next Generation Growth – at the recently concluded MEF18 in Los Angeles.

With the help of its innovative strategy, MEF has been on the forefront of enabling growth opportunities for the telecom industry.

Whether it is MEF 3.0 services or LSO – MEF has become a powering force to help operators realize full potential of NFV, SDN and SD-WAN opportunities.

Delivering next generation innovation for the telecoms – MEF 3.0 services are designed to provide an on-demand, cloud-centric experience with user- and application-directed control over network resources and service capabilities.

MEF 3.0 services are delivered over automated, virtualized, and interconnected networks powered by LSO, SDN, and NFV.

“Worldwide adoption of assured services across automated networks – this is our mission. And assured services according to some estimates is over $250 Billion opportunity. This is a huge deal,” explains, Nan Chen, President, MEF.

MEF is focusing on revenue generating services. MEF is doing this with the help of delivering standards.

“We also have our Implementation platform in the form of MEFnet – that drives hackathons and PoCs. And then we also have our big focus towards adoption. Certification is the key adoption enabler for the industry. Moving forward, we want to transform the business of this industry by delivering new services and also we want to work together,” he adds on.

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