2019 will be the year of Processors for Smartphones: techARC DIGIT


techARC has announced the first edition of DIGIT (Digital India Granular Insights and Trends), a user insights programme for deep insights about digital users in India. The first techARC DIGIT edition was focused on Smartphone users in India.

The research revealed that performance takes precedence over the price for Smartphone users in India. Sharing more on the research, Faisal Kawoosa, Founder and Principal Analyst, techARC said, “Smartphone users value performance as the critical deciding factor while evaluating options for purchase. However, this has become synonymous to RAM, which is not the only factor.”

“There is a need to educate users more about the role of a processor in defining not only the capabilities but the performance of a Smartphone as well,” Faisal added.

The research further emphasized that the entire Smartphone value chain, specifically OEMs should utilize more capabilities of processors that the present day Smartphones are already equipped with. This will take the performance and capabilities of these phones to the next levels.

These Smartphones are ‘Superphones’ in terms of processor capabilities and OEMs must utilize it effectively to give users the level of experience they deserve. It’s time for OEMs to start unlocking various advanced features of a processor that will add intelligence to these smartphones.

So far, the capabilities like AI has more been applied on camera and power management. However, its time to explore stronger use cases of AI and other advanced computing capabilities of processors.

The report identifies RAM as the deciding parameter followed by the capacity of the battery. Camera and Processor stood 3rd in terms of the key specifications that users decide on.