Meeting Management Tools That Will Save Your Meetings


At Decisions, we’re passionate about improving meeting culture. That’s why we invented Decisions Meeting Management Software – to help organizations run more efficient, engaging and collaborative meetings. But first, let us make the case for meeting manager software. 

You’ve totally been there. You’ve either had to lead a meeting and found yourself scrambling on how to set the agenda and make sure everyone is heard. Or you’ve sat through the meetings we all hate – the ones where everyone talks over everyone, nothing gets done and your team leaves frustrated. It’s. The. Worst. 

The average employee attends a staggering 62 meetings per month, and 50% of those meetings are considered “time-wasting.” 

But what if you could automate the stickiest parts of meetings so you and your team can focus on what’s important: making decisions, truly collaborating and committing to and assigning next steps and strategies? That’s what Decisions is here to do for you and so much more. 

Read below to see how Decisions Meeting ManagementTools can save your meetings! 

Structured Agendas and Templates 

With Decisions’ agenda builder, you can provide direction, support and context to your meeting by crafting a detailed agenda from scratch or re-using a template from a previous meeting. You can even invite meeting participants to upload documents directly to the agenda and assign allotted time to each presenter or meeting topic. This ensures your meeting runs smoothly and everyone stays on task. 

Meeting Minutes Tracker 

Decisions automatically maps your agenda to a Word or OneNote template to easily record and organize notes and action items. From there, you can simply download the minutes into a PDF so your whole team can have a tangible record of what was discussed, what decisions were made and what next steps are. 

Automated Follow Up 

Using smart-text recognition, Decisions automatically identifies tasks and decisions from the meeting minutes, eliminating the need to manually enter them into your task management system. 

The team can then easily access pending tasks, and the assigned team member receives an alert when the task is due. Each task and decision record in the minutes includes a link to the related agenda and meeting minutes, providing participants with the context they need to complete action items. 

Meeting Engagement Score™ 

Behavioral science shows us that despite our own confidence in our abilities, human beings make for poor decision-makers.  In the absence of contextual information, we tend to rely on our gut — that is, on our biases and preconceptions. According to Hubspot, emotions can trump logic and random factors can affect how we make decisions such as the time of day. And I think we can all agree we might make more decisions when we’re hungry. 

That’s why we designed the Meeting Engagement ScoreTM (not because of the hungry thing). The Meeting Engagement Score is a one-of-a-kind algorithm that evaluates meeting preparation and agenda quality. We can’t remove bias (or hunger!), but we can mitigate it by ensuring meeting participants are as prepared as possible to make informed decisions. The more you use this proprietary tool, the better you’ll get at meetings and your team will start seeing better results. 

Speak Now for Microsoft Teams 

The Decisions Speak Now add-in for Microsoft Teams enables coordinated participant engagement and calms the chaos of disorderly meetings. 

The more participants in your meeting, the harder it is to ensure that everyone gets their chance to speak — without speaking over each other. When creating an agenda , you can build an ordered speaker list, giving participants the option to respond to the current speaker by virtually “raising their hand”. You can also request a brief recess. Who doesn’t love recess? 

Secure Voting 

Government agencies, boards of directors and similar governing bodies are now running formal, virtual meetings inside Microsoft Teams. The nature of their meetings requires a secure and organized way to vote on important – and often sensitive – topics. 

With Vote Now from Decisions, you can run official voting directly from Microsoft Teams through a secure and orderly process. No more awkward verbal votes or wasting time writing down and counting votes. 

All in favor of this, say ‘aye’”!