Mark IV Systems – Creating Opportunities in Wireless Solutions Space


With an aim to provide solutions in the wireless and surveillance space, New Delhi based Mark IV Systems is a next generation telecoms and communications focused solution provider targeting the enterprise segment and is creating unique mark of its own in the market.


Vikram Shorey, Chief Executive Officer, Mark IV Systems speaks with on the company’s present focus and the road ahead.

What are some of the big focus areas for your organization today?

We are focusing towards two primary areas today. Firstly, we have a big focus towards creating wireless solutions and secondly we have our focus towards security and surveillance space. As far as wireless products are concerned, we are providing solutions on RF Products as well as VSAT products. We are fast becoming a single point solution provider for any type of wireless connectivity (point to point and point to multipoint) solution for connecting video/voice or data.

What kind of vendors are you aligning your operations with?

We are working very closely with wireless microwave radio manufacturers like Cambium Networks, EION Wireless, Engenius e.t.c. Our unique capability to understand and create wireless solutions for our enterprise customers makes us quite unique in the market today.

What kind of trends are shaping the new frontier for networking for tomorrow? What is your role going to be?

Today, networking is not being limited to LAN now and it has gone widely to WAN Networks and to enable this type of connectivity, we definitely need devices which can help us in connecting the two remote networks which are far apart from each other and that is where wireless connectivity solutions are coming into picture.

Wireless radios or VSAT solutions are fast being adopted by the enterprise to meet these technological developments. With our capabilities to understand various wireless technologies, we are in an ideal position to guide our customers in terms of picking the right solution that can provide them seamless connectivity.

The business of distribution is undergoing a major change today – what can be done to increase value in distribution business?

Distribution of IT products is getting too competitive, due to Chinese manufacturers entry in the Indian Market. But still in Telecommunication space, there are only few manufacturers who are known for their long lasting reliability and performance. Channel Partners are in ideal position to benefit from the wireless space today.

In India, there are more than 400 renowned channel partners including national level system integrators who are very active in wireless and telecom networks. We have to create trust level between these partners and we wish to be in contact with maximum number of partner on regular basis and give them training on new developments in technology.

How do you look at Carrier Ethernet as a technology? What kind of opportunities can be possible once we move towards 4G era?

Carrier Ethernet is a great access technology where enterprise customers can get very high bandwidth and satisfy their requirements to maximum usage levels, through LAN or WAN or MAN.

Today, wireless technology is fast transforming the way we live our lives. Nowadays, we use our mobile phones for banking, to check ticket availability at a cinema hall, to shop from our smartphones and many more.

As we move towards a data era, 3G may not be sufficient to meet needs of future high-performance applications which needs high bandwidth like multi-media, full-motion video, Video Conferencing on Wireless

network, wireless teleconferencing, etc will drive users towards next generation of technologies such as 4G and this is where even Carrier Ethernet will play a key role at the enterprise level.

What kind of verticals are you focusing on as an organization? Please name some of your key customers?

As an organization, we are focusing on Defense, Paramilitary, Oil and gas, Enterprise segment, Educational institutes and Transportation segment. We firmly believe that there is huge potential for a country like India. Jindal, Mallaredy College, NTPC, NCL are some of our customers today.

How do you look at the competition in this space?

In the wireless space, there is not much competition because it depends upon the solution needed by end customers and according to customer’s needs, a specific solution can be designed with various specialized products of OEMs.

What kind of growth are you expecting for this year?

We are looking forward to having 200% growth for this year.

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