MacBook or PC? The Never-Ending Debate Justified With Prominent Factors


The debate between Macbook or PC is endless. There are 1.5 billion Windows users globally; on the contrary, Apple is giving tough competition while reporting more than 100 million MacBook lovers worldwide.

Windows have been a charmer for decades with its easy-to-use interface and impeccable design. While Apple MacBooks made highlights because of its ultra-sleek design and flawless functionality of MacBook Air. Where Windows PCs have been gaining popularity for decades, now people tend to shift their focus to MacBooks for the unexceptional experience.

What makes people prefer MacBooks over Windows PCs?

No matter how good Windows have been so far, now people demand a smart, intuitive, and faster OS (operating system) and that’s what you get in a MacBook. Plus, what makes MacBooks a preferred deal is the reliable security factors. This has turned out to be a major reason millions of people trust MacBooks and other Apple devices.

In fact, the technology giant Apple used to refer to its line of products in the boilerplate of each press release as – “Apple ignited the personal computer revolution in the 1970s with the Apple II and reinvented the personal computer in the 1980s with the Macintosh.”

Here, the comparison is not between the machines but the operating system. Where Windows can’t manage to run macOS, on the contrary, you can actually run Windows on a MacBook for real. For this, you may require to go through some online tutorials, tweak your MacBook’s settings and you are all done. Although enough has been said about the MacBooks and Windows, yet for the sake of this digital debate on both the operating system types, we have compiled a list of the best factors helping you understand the difference between them both.

Seamless experience –

Be it a MacBook or Windows PC; the operating system is the fundamental factor to decide if you will have a fantastic user experience or not. How we interact with the machine, and in return, how it responds to the requested commands, it all defines the user experience. Those who have experienced must know that Windows 8 has been a car-crash, in terms of user satisfaction and overall design. But all thanks to the Windows 10 which regained the trust of millions and stood as a strong competitor for MacBook’s impeccable interface.

Talking about macOS, it’s more refined, clear, and hassle-free. The way it has been infused with multiple features and functionalities is taking the overall user experience to a whole new level. Here, you can’t forget to mention the trackpad, gestures, and the mouse adding more to your convenience.

Manufacturing quality –

When it comes to Windows operating systems, you have a pool of possibilities and options available to choose from. But when talking about macOS, you will have options but from Apple itself like – MacBook Air, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, etc. Here, one need not compromise on the quality factors, whereas when going for Windows, you may need to choose from the different branded laptops or desktops.

Those who have in-depth knowledge about computers often go for getting it assembled using the best of spare parts from different manufacturers or brands. However, this may end up getting the best machine in your kitty, but then you can’t rely on the security and functionality measures.

Exceptional features –

Windows may be equipped with the best features and functionalities to offer, but nothing can beat Apple when it comes to challenging technology. For instance, Apple offers you the liberty to expand your screen without compromising on the user experience. If you are doubtful about how to extend screen on mac, you can check out numerous online guides helping you experience it. Basically, this feature lets you expand your screen by connecting two Apple devices as one. It adds a secondary screen to the primary one to enhance your experience. For this, all you would require is to configure the external monitor, connect it to the primary screen, and you are all done.

Security –

We know that it may sound like an old chestnut for all of you, but that’s the biggest highlight about MacBooks or any other Apple devices. Apple flaunts its privacy and high-security functionality as its biggest USPs. From dealing with the unusual behavior to restricting the malware functions from different online websites or platforms, nothing can beat Apple’s security measures. Unarguably, this has turned out to be a major reason people choose MacBooks over any other branded laptop or desktop. MacBooks are safe, hassle-free, and absolutely a classy choice to rely on.

Component optimization –

Windows may promise to offer the best for its millions of users, but Apple claims to deliver the best by optimizing each component used in the Apple machines and devices. Apple tests each spare part for its performance and less power usage. Apple uses the same components in MacBooks’ line as used in the PC counterparts. This makes it easier to issue a firmware update and improve the overall working of components on MacBook.

Here, the only drawback is MacBook’s ability to upgrade the Mac later. This happens since MacBooks are slim down and optimized to fit in the overall system. It makes Windows fans consider Mac as an anti-user-upgradable machine. However, it is not a major deal.

Screens –

Apple uses True Tone Technology in its screens to match the color temperature while improving the MacBook lighting conditions. This separates MacBook from other branded laptops in many ways. When paired with consistent performance, it shows impeccable performance and graphics on the screen.

The bottom line –

At last, both the operating systems come with their pros and cons. Where Apple offers the best security checks, Windows is a preferred and comfortable choice for people who are new to the world of laptops or desktops. When buying any of these machines, make sure you decide based on your unique requirements and other considerations.