Let’s answer some of your questions about online casino bonuses!

Casino Bonus

Let us set the scene. You’re settling down with your preferred device, getting ready to play your favourite casino classics on a new site and up pops a casino welcome bonus. So, you click on the lucrative pop up and find yourself frowning at the screen, saying to yourself “what does all of this mean?”. Well, not to worry, as we’ve come to your aid.

Keep reading as we answer some of your burning questions about casino bonuses.

  1. Can I win real money whilst using a bonus?

More often than not, the answer is yes. However, you will first have to meet the wagering requirements that have been set by the site. This means depositing a minimum amount of money into your account, and playing with it, before the bonus will be activated. This can sometimes work the other way round, whereby you must deposit a certain amount after playing with your bonus offer, before you will be allowed to withdraw your winnings.

  1. Can I cancel a bonus?

If you’ve got a bit trigger-happy and activated your bonus before you’re quite ready, then most of the time you’ll be able to cancel it. You can do this by either logging into your casino account and finding the option in your account settings, or by contacting the site’s customer support team. Also, a bonus is often automatically cancelled if you try to withdraw your balance before you’ve reached the wagering requirements – so be mindful of that before you begin playing. In fact, from the 31st October 2018, a regulation was brought in that dictates that all UK casino bonuses have to be forfeitable by law. With this, you can always forfeit your casino bonus and retrieve your real money deposit from your account.

  1. Are casino bonuses time sensitive?

This all depends on the site you’re using and their own rules when it comes to casino bonuses. In the case where a time limit is on your bonus reward, it may dictate the time in which you need to claim the bonus or the time in which you must play with the bonus. A welcome offer is the exception to this rule as that will only be applied to the first deposit that you make, when you sign up.

  1. Can I benefit from using certain payment methods?

In short, yes. Sometimes casino sites will offer up a bonus that you can claim just from using a certain payment method to make your deposits.

  1. Can I use my casino bonus on my mobile?

Most of the time you can, but it’s important to double check the terms and conditions, as sometimes certain bonuses are only applied to either mobile or desktops only.

  1. What are bonus codes?

Whilst you may only be used to clicking on a pop up and going on to play your bonus offer like that – sometimes you’ll instead be required to enter a code in order to claim this deal. There should be a bonus tab somewhere on your screen or account settings which will have a box that’s ready and waiting to receive your code.