Leading Mobile Operator in Vietnam Selects Guavus to Embrace 5G


Guavus, a Thales company and an enabler of AI-based analytics solutions for communications service providers (CSPs), has announced that its new Service-IQ Device Management Analytics (DMA) solution has been selected by one of the largest mobile operators in Vietnam.

With the growing numbers and variety of mobile devices on their network, the operator was finding it difficult to keep up with the digital demographics of their network, especially as they prepare to roll out new 5G services.


Without immediate visibility into the device capabilities offered to their subscribers, they can’t quickly adapt to the new device technologies continually being introduced — which could have negative effects on their Network Planning, Operations and Marketing teams, as well as their business as a whole.

They selected Guavus Service-IQ DMA because it provides the in-depth, real-time analytics their multiple stakeholders need to understand the capabilities and behaviors of all the devices connected to their network. It provides the instant mobile device insights they need to make data-driven decisions on network rollout and marketing strategies while being able to better identify suspicious behavior and potential fraud.

“We’re pleased to be working with this leading provider in Vietnam through our partner in the region, NEO,” said Guavus CEO Alex Shevchenko. “It’s been great to see so many operators globally deploying Service-IQ DMA, for many of the reasons expressed by this new customer. To successfully execute on their customer-centric business and operations strategies and roll out 5G, they need the ability to gain real-time insights on 5G-capable device adoption and distribution.”

Guavus Service-IQ DMA provides visibility into:

Device demographics with instant insights that illustrate device usage trends and comparative analysis;

Device adoption, churn and loyalty to multiple device characteristics including the manufacturer, model and operating system;

Customer segmentation;

Issues related to device compatibility with the network;

Device distribution by 30+ characteristics; and

Mobile number portability analysis.

For more than a decade, Guavus has been at the forefront of applying Big Data, streaming analytics, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to developing solutions that have enabled operators of the world’s leading service provider networks to overcome critical operational and business challenges impacting customer experience, service revenue and profitability.

Guavus solutions have been successfully deployed by operators of some of the world’s largest fixed-line and mobile networks, and the company is spearheading the development of analytics products for 5G network operators, mobile IoT applications and cloud-based digital services.