Guavus Unwraps 5G Core Network Analytics Product

5G Innovations

Guavus has announced a new 5G network data analytics product designed to enable mobile operators to overcome the challenges of operating complex, multi-vendor 5G networks at scale and deliver new revenue-generating 5G services.

Guavus 5G-IQ NWDAF is a vendor-agnostic, 3GPP-compliant NWDAF implementation that embodies an open approach to streaming analytics, machine learning and AI for generating the real-time operational intelligence needed to drive service orchestration and network automation in the 5G Core.

The new product will interoperate with all 3GPP-standard components in a 5G System – independent of supplier – while supporting the wide range of analytics-driven use cases that are critical to the diverse functional and operational requirements of 5G Standalone networks.

5G’s virtualized, disaggregated, cloud-native infrastructure will foster the growth of a more diverse supplier ecosystem than 4G/LTE. This will place a premium on multi-vendor interoperability in the 5G RAN and Core, which extends to the data analytics functions that drive network automation. Guavus 5G-IQ NWDAF takes an “Open NWDAF” approach, providing operators multi-vendor analytics interoperability from the 5G network edge to the network Core to the cloud.

“At full scale, 5G networks will bring a whole new level of complexity compared to today’s 4G/LTE networks, utilizing advanced New Radio technologies operating in multiple spectrum bands to deliver a new generation of gigabit-speed, low-latency, ultra-reliable services, encompassing a vastly greater number of user devices and smart machines,” said Yesmean Luk, Telco Cloud Practice Lead at STL Partners. “The 3GPP NWDAF standard will be essential to standardize operational data, which will enable operators to deliver the machine intelligence needed to power network automation in these complex operational environments.”

With the new 5G-IQ NWDAF product, Guavus is building on more than a decade of experience successfully deploying carrier-grade analytics solutions – at scale – for some of the world’s largest communications service providers.

“5G network rollouts will dominate mobile operator spending this decade, and the delivery of 5G products that enable operators to scale these networks will be a strategic focus for Guavus. With our ‘Open NWDAF’ 5G initiative, we are bringing to bear years of mission-critical analytics experience in CSP networks, helping our customers exploit the power of machine learning and AI to overcome the operational challenges impacting customer experience and profitability,” said Guavus CEO Alexander Shevchenko.

Open NWDAF: From Edge to Core to Cloud

Guavus 5G-IQ NWDAF’s open NWDAF implementation provides operators the:

Flexibility to deploy the product in a cloud-native microservices environment or as a cloud-based containerized offering at the right points in the network.

Scalability for high-performance data collection, aggregation and scoring at the 5G edge, as well as advanced AI/ML analytics in the 5G Core or in the cloud.

Extensibility to plug in non-Guavus analytics algorithms, and to ingest and process non-standard data types from sources outside the 5G Core.

In addition, the product features a highly efficient, compact streaming analytics engine that is up to 31 times faster than typical open-source software solutions and is capable of processing non-standard data types from distributed sources beyond the 5G Core, allowing operators to reduce latency, data volume and cost.

AWS Collaboration and 5G-IQ NWDAF Demonstration at Mobile World Congress

Guavus 5G-IQ NWDAF is available now for customer evaluation. Guavus and AWS are also collaborating on a demonstration of the new product at this year’s Mobile World Congress Barcelona conference. The demonstration will take place in the Spirent Communications booth in Amazon’s Partner Pavilion in the AWS Virtual Village, June 28 – July 1.