KT GiGA Story Goes Global – First to Launch in Bangladesh


KT signed a tripartite MOU on February 23 at the KT exhibition hall at MWC 2016, held in Barcelona, Spain, with KT CEO Hwang Chang-Gyu, Bangladesh’s ICT Minister Zunaid Ahmed Palak, and IOM (International Organization for Migration) Deputy Secretary General Laura Thompson in attendance.

The MOU includes – cooperation for Bangladesh’s telecommunication infrastructure to operate projects,  introduction of KT GiGA wired tech consulting and ICT solutions, sharing IOM’s human and material resources to strengthen partnership at home and abroad, and other ways to cooperate for the successful launch of global GiGA Story.

KT invited Bangladeshi children, who have the potential to grow into IT talent in the developing country, to the MWC to offer valuable opportunities. The tripartite cooperation goes beyond aid, transferring a sustainable development model to developing countries and working for reducing the IT digital gap through GiGA Story. The collaboration is expected to create a diversified and shared value globally, not just a simple business cooperation.

GiGA Story project

KT CSV (Creating Shared Value) program ‘GiGA Story’ provides high-speed networks and customized ICT solutions for people living on islands or in remote areas to improve their living standards in education, culture, medicine, and economy. Started from Limja-island in Shinan-gun, South Jeolla Province in October 2014, GiGA Story has spread to Daeseong-dong town in DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), Baengnyeong Island of Onjin-gun, Incheon, and Chunghak-dong, Hadong-gun, North Gyeongsang Province.

Digital Bangladesh

Digital Bangladesh is a part of the action plan for Vision 2021 to grow into a middle-income country by 2021, the year of the 50th anniversary since Bangladeshi’s national foundation. The Bangladeshi government aims to promote IT use in education and medicine, while working to provide more jobs and reduce poverty. KT and Bangladesh are expected to create synergistic effects as the Bangladeshi objectives share value with KT’s GiGAtopia vision, where GiGA-Infrastructure and future convergence technologies build a more comfortable world beyond technological convenience.

IOM (International Organization for Migration)

IOM is an inter-governmental organization to support migrants, whose number is growing for various purposes such as work, education, and freedom. Established in 1951, IOM supports migrants across the world by providing advice, medical assistance, travel expenses, and settlement money to improve migrants’ legal and social standing, eradicate human trafficking, and support the victims of human trafficking to make a safe return to their home country. IOM has 157 member states as of 2015 and Korea became an IOM member in 1988.

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