KDDI, Qualcomm, Ruckus, Sharp conduct Enhanced Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Vantage Trials


KDDI CORPORATION and collaborating partners have performed field trials to improve the performance and user experience of public Wi-Fi network, based on the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Vantage, certification program of the Wi-Fi Alliance.

Conducted in February in collaboration with Qualcomm Inc.  subsidiary Qualcomm Technologies Inc., Ruckus Networks and Sharp Corporation in existing au Wi-Fi SPOT service area in Tokyo’s Shibuya ward.

The public Wi-Fi network congestion is estimated due to increasing number of overseas visitors to Japan, heavy traffic at big events, free Wi-Fi services in future disasters. The trials were part of ongoing activities so that KDDI can improve its performance and user experience of the au Wi-Fi service even in such congested locations.

The activities include contributions to the Wi-Fi Alliance [Jump to the applicable section2]. KDDI has been contributing its effort to enhance Vantage features since 2014 to provide better performance and user experience.

In the trials, Vantage features were validated such as improving network efficiency in congested environments by reducing overhead, avoiding unstable connection due to weak link quality to an access point, and shortening connection times to public wireless networks. The results of the field trials proved 30 percent increase on efficient use of network capacity and 10x faster connection set-up time.