JMA Wireless Enables Next Gen Mobile Experience at Toreo Parque Central in Mexico


JMA Wireless, a global enabler of wireless communications solutions, in conjunction with system integration partner, Intelli Site Solutions, has deployed wireless network at the Toreo Parque Central shopping center in Mexico City.

Since opening in late 2015 customers and retailers have been experiencing robust cellular coverage and capacity thanks to the Teko DAS (distributed antenna system) from JMA Wireless.

“JMA Wireless has become the vendor of choice for providing wireless coverage at large shopping malls,” stated Mario Gonzalez Cotelo, Managing Director LATAM at JMA Wireless. “On the Toreo Parque Central deployment we worked with our integration partner, Intelli Site Solutions, who developed a unique performance design to ensure mobile communications anywhere in the mall and parking facility. We are looking forward to phase two of the deployment, which will extend cellular coverage to new office buildings and a hotel.”

To ensure robust wireless coverage at the premier Toreo Parque Central mall Remote Units were deployed in the glass elevator shafts.

For the Toreo Parque Central deployment the modular Teko DAS platform was installed. This cost efficient solution used a single optical fiber to distribute frequency bands to 12 low power Remote Units (RUs), which were deployed throughout the mall, including in the four glass elevator shafts.

The system currently is comprised of three sectors, with plans to expand it to six sectors. Presently, the multi-band, multi-carrier Teko DAS platform provides wireless coverage for the mobile operator, Telefonica. However, this future proofed solution will soon provide coverage for other wireless carriers who are in the final stage of negotiation. Ultimately, the Teko DAS platform will support GSM 850, UMTS 850, UMTS 1900, LTE 1900 and LTE 2100.

In addition, the deployment included state-of-the-art connectors and the Teko DAS Power Distribution Unit, both produced by JMA Wireless too. The Teko DAS Power Distribution Unit enables Toreo Parque’s IT staff to remotely monitor and control the power of the Remote Units. With its software control voltage monitoring capability, power consumption and overall efficiency are improved, resulting in a further reduction in costs and an increase in system flexibility.

“From start to finish phase one of the project was very easy thanks to the Teko DAS platform and the JMA Wireless team,” declared Roberto Carlos Perez, Engineering Director for In-Building DAS Projects at Intelli Site Solutions. “We are looking forward to working with the JMA Wireless team on phase two of this deployment.”

Intelli Site Solutions is a 100 percent Mexican company dedicated to the deployment of cellular network infrastructure, installation services, network planning and monitoring, as an interior and exterior “neutral host”. As a “neutral host” we can work with all operators, concentrating them in a single facility and reducing the visual impact of the infrastructure while optimizing space. Our infrastructure is designed to be multi-operator (i.e. Telcel, Telefonica, and AT&T) and multi-band while our technology supports current technology and is future proofed for new technologies. Our high-tech systems, based on fiber optics, ensures adequate coverage and intensity for voice telephony and data indoors.