Innovations and Disruptions: Victorian Companies Shine Bright at CommunicAsia 2017


By Zia Askari | in Singapore

With an aim to celebrate the spirit of innovation and enable a unique platform for future growth – Government of Victoria, Australia spearheaded a strong delegation of 47 Victorian companies to participate at the recently concluded CommunicAsia 2017 in Singapore.

Highlighting the importance of innovations and disruptions in today’s market scenario, Victorian companies ranging from mobile technology, to drones, business intelligence, to healthcare technology and big data to cloud technologies – have showcased their unique offerings as part of the exposition.

Speaking on this, Kathy Coultas, Director, ICT / Technology, Department of Economic Development, Victoria State Government, Australia, explained, “We have come here to CommunicAsia 2017 in Singapore with a delegation of 47 Victorian companies and around 85 individual delegates. As part of our delegation, we have companies involved into mobile systems, mobile payments, healthcare software, drone software, laser applications, etc. Together they are showcasing the breadth of digital technology sector in Victoria. This is a big sector in Victoria, substantially contributing to our economy. It generates revenues of more than $ 34 Billion every year. About 50 per cent of our ICT companies export around the world.”

“We use events like this to support the internationalization of our companies and we find that engaging and partnering really drives their competitiveness,” she added.

Some of the companies which participated in the delegation include:

Advance Vision Technology – an ICT solutions provider.

Business Intelligence Technologies – a digital transformation solutions provider for the enterprise community.

Carcloud – an innovative platform that is reinventing the way people rent cars.

eTranslate – an enabler of digital product localization.

flexAnswer – a provider of customer service and support solutions.

Onboard Smarts – is an enabler of innovative drone technology.

Omniscreen – delivers rich media across converged networks including TV, radio and digital signage.