Innovation Drives D-Link Towards Next Frontier in Surveillance

Tushar Sighat, CEO - D-Link, India

Backed by its spirit to continuously innovate, founded in the year 1986, over the past 25 years, D-Link has grown and evolved itself as a major force to reckon within the networking industry.

All these years, it is market driven innovation that has powered its matured expertise to deliver cutting edge technology and quality in front of its user communities. Today, D-Link is moving ahead to be a front runner in the next generation surveillance segment. Tushar Sighat, CEO – D-Link (India) Limited speaks with Zia Askari, Editor, about the company’s strategy for the surveillance segment and how the company plans to be the leader in this space.

Q) What are some of the big priorities for D-Link when it comes to the surveillance segment in India?

Surveillance as segment has been driving huge growth, with more & more enterprises, educational institutes, hospitality industry, retail & government sector investing heavily in securing their premises. D-Link since the last couple of years has been aggressively focusing on this product segment.

Our aim has always been to simplify the use of technology and in view of the same D-Link has cultivated an extensive line of IP surveillance cameras suitable for deployment in a variety of installation scenarios, both indoor and outdoor, day and night.

Also with D-Link being an end-to-end networking technology provider we offer complete surveillance solution. Hence with the help of D-Link’s wireless products, cameras can be placed virtually anywhere for comprehensive monitoring of premises. Further Surveillance systems call for specialized storage designed to cope with a constant stream of surveillance data. D-Link has Storage Accessible Networks (SAN) and Network Video Recorder (NVR) solutions that are designed specifically to handle IP surveillance records. So administrators can maintain a repository of surveillance footage that is secure, redundant, and easy to manage.

We are currently focusing on verticals like Government, Education, Retail, Travel, Manufacturing, and are working on large scale projects. Going ahead our plan is to garner maximum market share in next couple of years & position D-Link amongst top three Surveillance brands in the country.

Q) What kind of go to market strategy do you have in India? Please share your channel strategy for India?

By virtue of being a networking technology leader with close to 3 decades of industry experience, D-Link is indeed one of the most trusted brands globally. In India alone D-Link has been present for over 18 years & today has a strong distribution network spread across the length & breath of the country.

However, being a channel driven company D-Link continues to work closely with its set of Business distributors & re-seller present nation-wide. In order to promote IP surveillance amongst these existing partners, D-Link conducts special seminars /  training program on regular basis to educate & equip them with required skill set to promote Surveillance business further. D-Link also has formed a dedicated sales &solution support team offering customized IP surveillance solution as per the customer requirement.

Q) What kind of next generation surveillance solutions is the company positioning for India?

D-Links’ IP video surveillance solutions offer distinct advantages for security requirements and differentiate it from other manufacturers present in the market today. D-Link’s one-stop-surveillance infrastructure offers secure, reliable, and manageable solution. D-Link IP Surveillance solution boasts the highest degree of scalability and can easily adapt to the existing IP infrastructure of the client. The advanced features such as high security encryption, superb image quality, digital zoom, and remote accessibility – leverage the most cutting edge technologies available today. D-Link carries a complete portfolio of IP Surveillance products right from HD Consumer Cameras to IP66 certified High Speed Dome Outdoor Cameras along with Storage solutions and intelligent software thereby catering to all customer segments.

D-Link at present has a host of High definition IP Surveillance cameras that include Full HD Indoor dome cameras, Full HD Indoor Box cameras, HD Vandal Proof cameras and HD Consumer cameras.

With an eye for future, D-Link has introduced D-ViewCam Mobile App for iOS and Android, thereby bringing surveillance literally into the palm of the hand. This free app is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool for managing a D-ViewCam Server installation or D-Link network video recorder and IP surveillance cameras from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. It works over 3G, LTE, and Wi-Fi connections, helping you identify intruders, detect shoplifting or other suspicious behavior, or collect information for dispute resolution even when you’re off site. D-ViewCam Mobile significantly enhances the value of integrated surveillance solutions from D-Link.

Q) How big would be the market size and what is your market share in India as well as globally?

IP Surveillance is growing to be a key business segment. The current technology trend in Surveillance space suggest that IP surveillance solution is being widely implemented across the industry, due to factors like  lower cost of installation, ease of use, enhanced security etc.

Further the demand for surveillance equipment’s is on a rise, and Surveillance has become the next growth wave globally & in India as well. With growing incidence of crime & untoward incidence is public, individuals / organizations are keen on deploying solution that will provide a safe surrounding. Retail, BFSI, Hospitality, Public transport authorities are looking at feasible options to meet the surveillance needs. Corporates have also increased their security budgets in recent times & are investing in securing their premises. This is a clear indicator of the huge potential that IP Surveillance segments hold.

Q) What kind of verticals are you targeting in India and where is the big growth likely to happen?

IP Surveillance these days has become a key component in a company infrastructure. Moreover some of the recent gruesome incidents have triggered the need for an effective surveillance system. Most large enterprise, corporates, and even education institutes are investing in securing their premises from all kinds of possible external threats.

Further the growing awareness & need of surveillance among all sectors like retail, government, BFSI, healthcare, hospitality, airports etc. is accelerating the demand for Surveillance products. Today industry and users both need more than just immediate viewing and storage of images, as customer are looking for intelligent surveillance system. Event search, number plate recording, face recognition etc. are some of the features that are highly desired from the surveillance system. Also an alarm or trigger when violation of any pre-defined parameters is expected. Thus integration with physical security system in order to build a comprehensive security structure is ideally looked for by today’s customers. All these feature enhancement demands have triggered the evolution of better Surveillance system.

Corporates are already aware of the benefits that IP Surveillance offers and are using IP technology for their businesses. The SMEs have started adopting IP Surveillance.

Q) How this next generation of surveillance technology by D-Link is reducing the cost of installation while at the same time, increasing on the technological advantages?

Conventional communication technologies have been prevalent in the markets since long time now. IP based communication has started gaining momentum, due to cost effectiveness and worldwide acceptance. It is indeed its easy installation process with use of existing network infrastructure that is driving the growth of IP surveillance use. It has been noticed that Corporate and Governments are making a switch towards IP technology so as to stay competitive and save cost.

These days more and more gadgets / devices being launched in the market are IP compatible right from mobile handsets onwards.

Q) D-Link is surely regarded as a technology leader, what has been the mantra for success in many countries including India?

D-Link networking technology now surrounds us, enriching our homes and businesses, connecting us to the most important people in our lives. Today, D-Link stands ready to meet the demands of consumers and businesses with a broad range of products that are reliable, affordable, and easy to use. D-Link is proud to offer advanced technology and practical innovations for the future.

It is indeed our emphasis on innovations, ease of use & value for money that has accredited as a technology leader. Moving ahead we are commitment to developing “green” technologies and products which will prepare its customers for an alluring new era of ultimate connectivity.