Infogix – Transforming Data into Action for Enterprise and Telcos


As more and more telecom operators as well as enterprise are looking forward to unlocking the full potential of data, US based Infogix is focusing its efforts towards helping its customers transform data into action.

Infogix is set to participate at the upcoming ICT mega-event, CommunicAsia 2015 happening in Singapore, between June 2 – 5, 2015.

Infogix is a global provider of automated data integrity controls and advanced analytics that enable the world’s leading enterprises to operate efficiently, minimize risk, maximize revenue and manage the customer lifecycle.

With over 30 years of industry knowledge in multiple verticals, we take a collaborative, partnership approach to every customer relationship to create a shared vision for mutual success. Infogix solutions easily and non-intrusively integrate into your everyday operation and have a proven history of delivering a rapid return on investment.

In the telecommunications industry, cable, satellite, telecom, and cellular companies are in a constant quest to acquire and retain the best and most profitable customers. Infogix partners with global Communication Service Providers to ensure reliable data integrity controls and dynamic analytics giving you the competitive advantage you need to land and keep the golden customer.

Infogix analytics solve the CSP’s most important business problems: how to win and retain customers, maximize their lifetime value, and deliver reliable services at low cost.

The company’s solutions help the enterprise as well as the telcos, streamline their processes, reduce expenses and maximize revenue. Increased volumes and pressure on margins created a challenging environment for the CSP, from operations to customer support and from back office to the front office. Infogix is coming forward to transform data into action for its customers.