Indosat Ooredoo Unveils iDok and Smart Asset Services

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The restrictions on community activities that must be carried out in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic still have major impacts, especially on business activities in the consumer goods, food & beverage industry, as well as the health service sector.

The consumer behavior in the healthcare industry such as hospitals and clinics is changing. People now tend to have concerns on visiting hospitals, to avoid the possibilities of being exposed to COVID-19 virus. This situation results to significant decrease in the number of outpatients.

In addition, with the promotion of the current vaccination program, a Cold Chain system is needed to ensure that product quality is being maintained during shipping and storage processes. The need for logistics distribution from producers to consumers during the pandemic, especially for commodities that are sensitive to the environment, is also determinant of the company’s success in running its business. Hence, it is necessary to monitor the condition of assets in real time.

Understanding the need for these conditions, Indosat Ooredoo Business, as an experienced trusted business partner, presents iDok and Smart Asset innovation services at the 5th Connex Webinar event today. iDok is a technology platform to make patients easier to consult with doctors online to place orders and deliver drugs to patients’ homes. Meanwhile, Smart Asset is a Cold Chain asset management service to help business operations of manufacturing and logistics companies to maintain product quality during shipping and storage.

Indosat Ooredoo‘s Chief Business Officer, Bayu Hanantasena, said “To face the huge impact of pandemic, all industrial sectors need to adapt by utilizing the right digital technology. For this reason, we present iDok and Smart Asset as innovative solutions for businesses that can be useful in reducing operational costs and supporting productivity in order to get high return on investment. We continue to uphold the principle of Creating Value Together, because by providing best services and being adaptive to our customers’ needs are the key to success in moving forward in these difficult times.”

iDok is presented as a one stop healthcare application platform for the healthcare industry that can optimize operational activities through digital, reducing the risk of people being exposed to diseases/viruses, facilitating patient-doctor consultation needs, as well as operational cost efficiency. In the early stages, iDok users will be able to experience features such as direct consultation/telemedicine with doctors at the hospital through the iDok application, medication prescriptions that can be ordered and then delivered directly to the patient’s place, administrative management without the need to queue, as well as various important information from hospital to patient.

In addition, Indosat Ooredoo Business also presents Smart Asset, an IoT (Internet of Things) solution for asset management and monitoring to increase productivity by providing analytical reports that can support the company’s sustainability.

Smart Asset will ensure that the company’s Cold Chain process can be monitored properly starting from various aspects, including:

Monitor environmental parameters, such as temperature and humidity to prevent damage to vaccine quality during distribution.
Receive real-time updates on the condition of assets, locations, and more.

Collect data and receive specific and appropriate reports from all machine sensors and assets.

The innovations of iDok and Smart Asset are expected to support industry players in meeting market needs by reducing human errors, as well as efficiency in time and human resources.

Indosat Ooredoo Connex: Digitizing the Healthcare and Logistics Industry to Increase Competitiveness and Business Sustainability

Indosat Ooredoo Business continues to host the series of Connex (Creating Innovation with Experts). The 5th Connex Webinar is bringing the theme “Digitalization of the Healthcare and Logistics Industry to Increase Competitiveness and Business Continuity”.

Connex Webinar collaborates with experts and practitioners in the healthcare, logistics & supply chain sectors including Andri Yadi – Vice Chairman Indonesia IoT Association, Anis Fuad, DEA – Member of PERSI’s Data & Information Center Compartment, Hasanuddin Yasni – Chairman Asosiasi Rantai Pendingin Indonesia, Jessy Abdurrahman – Founder Indonesia, Sabrul Jamil – Manajer Business Demand, IT Architecture, Security & Policy PT Pertamedika IHC, and Totok Sriyanto – SVP Head RSPP Pharmacy Distribution .