India’s Fastway Selects STMicroelectronics to Deliver HD Interactive Cable Services


STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor innovations provider serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications and a top supplier of System-on-Chip (SoC) ICs for set-top boxes and home gateways, has announced that its STiH273 (Palma) HD cable chipsets have been selected by Fastway, an Indian Cable MSO (multi-system operator) with over 3 million digital subscribers, for their HD interactive USB DVR platform. 

This solution will allow Fastway’s customers to experience high-quality HD content and access wide-ranging Value Added Services (VAS), including banner advertisements, interactive TV shopping, and education services. These capabilities aim to satisfy discerning consumers and will support Fastway in their efforts to attract more subscribers and grow revenues exponentially.

The STiH273 has set a new industry standard for best-in class advanced security schemes. Coupled with high integration and low power consumption, the chipset offers unmatched coordinated performance of CPU, video decoder, image quality processor, and front-end that all together enables a richer viewing experience with high-quality video and interactivity.

Manufactured using 40nm process technology, the chipset supports an enhanced processing engine with integrated on-chip features that simplify set-top box design, including offering the possibility of a 2-layer pc-board design. In addition, the chipset enables set-top-box manufacturers to use lower-cost memories and minimize system power consumption. Taken together, these features optimize total cost of ownership.

“Our new high-definition digital set-top boxes benefit from ST’s feature-packed and flexible system-on-chip ICs and provide an ideal platform for us to deliver innovative value-added services like interactive education services, multi-genre digital music service, restaurants and events search guide, and games to our customers,” said Gurdeep Singh, Managing Director, Fastway Digital TV services. He also added,“ With strong local support and cooperation from ST, we are well placed to drive digital migration and bring high-quality TV solutions to our customers.”

“STiH273 is clearly the right choice for our latest generation of set-top boxes. ST has helped us create a customized solution optimized for India that helps us enhance customer satisfaction and sustain our leadership edge in our areas of operation,” said Peeush Mahajan, CEO, Fastway.

“We are proud to be part of Fastway’s digital set-top box roll-out that aims to deliver an enhanced viewing experience to millions of homes around India,” said Vivek Sharma, Vice President, Greater China and South Asia region, and Director, India Design Center, STMicroelectronics. Fastway’s selection of ST’s set-top box technology underlines our strengths and commitment to supporting the growth of the Indian digital TV market through cooperation with local key players.”

India has one of the world’s largest broadcasting industries reaching close to 161 million households. The Information and Broadcasting Ministry has estimated that for its digitisation drive, operators will need to supply more than 100 million set-top boxes (STBs) in Phases III and IV. ST’s comprehensive and complete solutions, designed for fast time-to-market, enable service providers to bring out the best and most affordable digital set-top box solutions to their subscribers.