India and Vietnam – Developing Synergies on IT and Communications


Ministry of Information and Communications Vietnam and Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India held the first meeting of the Vietnam – India joint working group in Hanoi.

At the meeting, representatives of the Ministry of Information and Communications introduced the overview of IT development in Vietnam, according to

Accordingly, the total revenue of IT industry in Vietnam in 2016 was 66 billion USD, of which hardware: 59 billion USD, software: 3 billion USD, digital content services 740 million USD. The IT export turnover reached 61 billion USD. The total number of mobile subscribers was 130 million.

India is now a strong IT country with IT exports rising sharply from 4 billion USD in 1999-2000 to 144 billion USD in 2016. As of March 2017, there were 462 million Indians connected to the Internet. By the end of 2016, there were about 1.1 billion mobile subscribers.

In the coming years, India will focus on developing mobile applications. India already has a nationwide network of connectivity infrastructure with many cloud applications. India has also implemented a nationwide ID database with a database of over 1.16 billion people, accounting for 85% of the population.

The group also discussed the importance of the fact that India has also developed land database systems, electronic hospital systems, electronic banking, electronic transportation, etc. In particular, these data systems are published.

According to India’s experience, database systems are often built by local authorities, but the government does the monitoring, management and fully financially supported if the database system serves the general need, not the specific needs of the locality.

In terms of digital signatures, India has 10 CAs nationwide and 1.5 million digital signatures. The Government of India has many policies to encourage people and businesses to use digital signatures. In areas such as e-government, banking or passport management the use of digital signatures is required.

At the meeting, representatives of the two Ministries exchanged experiences on cooperation in information security, human resource development and business cooperation.

The two sides also agreed that the 2nd meeting would be held in India in the second half of 2018.