India Moving on the Right Track to Embrace 5G Era: Qualcomm

5G Network

India is moving in the right direction when it comes to embracing 5G – the next generation technology in mobile communications. Larry Paulson, VP and President, Qualcomm India confirmed this on the sidelines of ‘Catalysing 5G launch in India’ – event organized by the COAI in India.

“I don’t believe in any race for countries to embrace 5G – the next generation in mobile communications. Every country will move at its own pace. I am extremely happy with the developments around 5G in India. With this huge effort towards digitization, digital India – the country is moving in the right direction, the right track to embrace 5G,” he explained.

Paulson also mentioned that emergence of 5G would surely not result in diminishing of 2G, 3G or 4G. “It is all going to co-exist together. India is such a vast country. We have multiple technologies to cater to multiple needs. This will be true in 5G era as well. It will open up new and innovative application adoption around artificial intelligence, robotics etc. So in the era of 5G, we will have low latency networks that will be able to deliver advanced high-speed connectivity,” he added.

As a key industry stakeholder in the 5G space – Qualcomm is working very closely with the industry to drive seamless facilitation for 5G era. The organization is working a number a global operators, conducting trials and driving tests around 5G research and development efforts.

There are a number of technologies that are efficiently facilitating the handshake between the legacy networks such as 4G and embracing 5G. Massive MIMO and Carrier Aggregation and two such technologies that are widely getting adopted by various operators in order to optimize spectrum utilization and move towards 5G era.