Impact of Climate Change | Telia Estonia supports climate expedition to Antarctica

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Telia is partnering with a scientific expedition sailing to Antarctica in celebration of 200 years of the discovery of the Antarctica and to draw attention to today’s impact of climate change.

The Estonian sailing yacht ‘Admiral Bellingshausen’ set sail in July from Kronstadt, Russia to celebrate 200 years of the discovery of Antarctica by Estonian-born Admiral von Bellingshausen. The expedition will stop in more than 30 ports in Europe, the coast of Africa and South America and will culminate on the anniversary of the discovery, 28 January 2020, at the polar stations in Antarctic.

The voyage goes through Telia countries stopping by Tallinn, Helsinki, Ventspils, Klaipeda, Copenhagen, Oslo, and Gothenburg in late July and early August.

The expedition will have researchers on board and will highlight the importance of international cooperation in scientific discoveries and also aims to draw attention to today’s challenges arising from climate change.

Telia Estonia is one of the partners cooperating with the maritime expedition.

“We are supporting the mission because we have a common environmental goal to stop global warming”, says Elo Võrk, Head of sponsorship and CSR, Telia Estonia.

Telia provides the team on board with mobile services and data. The vessel carries the Telia logo and is labeled with Telia’s three Daring Goals “zero CO2, zero waste and 100% action” to emphasize that climate change action is one of the most important tasks for the planet.

During stopovers, the public can discuss maritime history and climate changes with the crew and with local volunteers from Telia.

Telia Estonia will also produce a TV series that covers the voyage, collaborating with polar researches, sea biologists and climate scientists. The series about the journey will be on show in Telia TV in Estonia from autumn 2019.

People of Telia on board

Telia’s employees contribute to the expedition by volunteering in port and discussing the company’s climate commitment and the Daring Goals.

This past weekend, the ship was in Copenhagen and Telia YOUNITE volunteers assisted at an art installation set up to draw attention to the climate issues at polar areas.

This weekend, 3-5 August, the expedition arrives in Gothenburg where a seminar about sea biology will be open to the public and to Telia employees. In Oslo on 7 August, a forum about Norwegian polar expeditions and discoveries will be held in Fram museum.

Fact about the expedition

The expedition is initiated by Estonian Maritime Museum and NGO Thetis Expeditions and supported by Telia and numerous Estonian companies including Tallink, Enefit Green, Sillamäe Sadam, GO Travel, Sportland, Alexela, Baltic Workboats, and Postimees Grupp.