Imex Systems: Reinventing Service Delivery for Public Sector


By Zia Askari |

Toronto, Canada based Imex Systems is a very special organization when it comes to enabling next generation-ready service delivery for the public sector. The company is all set to enable ‘Virtual Channel’ that has all the potential to revolutionize the way government services are delivered to the common public.

Damodar Arapakota, Founder & CEO of Imex Systems Inc recently visited India as part of ITAC (Information Technology Association of Canada) Mission to India.


Speaking about the company’s operations and its current focus, he said, “Today, our core focus area is public sector and within this sector we a strong focus on service delivery to people from the governments – we have two aspects to this service delivery – services that are delivered from government to people and then the second is how do you improve the operations within the government so that the services can be delivered effectively as well as how the internal operations for the government can be managed more efficiently,” he explained.

As India is moving ahead strongly towards enabling digital transformation – companies such as Imex Systems can play a vital role towards realizing this digital dream.


“And one of the primary focus for our operation in to reduce the cost of service delivery – so we can deliver services through different channels including the web channel, mobile channel, over the counter, through the contact centers as well. Now we are introducing new channels known as virtual channels. These can be seen as virtual agents and they can practically do anything that a customer may ask. So instead of having a physical person to talk to – we can have these virtual agents helping people towards delivery of various services. So this means that we can practically replace contact centers. We are in the process of launching this initiative in Middle East first.” He added.

How will Virtual Assistant work?

Such virtual assistants can be useful while delivering government services or e-governance related services and users will be able to pickup their smartphones and speaks with such Virtual Agents seamlessly.

“The virtual channel that we are enabling is pretty simple and is designed keeping in mind the way people use smartphones and its capabilities,” he added.

Focus on India

The company is looking forward to working closely with various states in India and reinvigorate public sector service delivery processes.

“India is a very important market for us, because Indian government has spent a lot of money already towards delivering services to people, now some of the states that we are talking to are moving to the next level, that’s where we come in, we don’t want to replace what we have but we want to add more to it in order to enable more sophisticated systems. We are hoping to start some implementations here by next year,” he explained.