Huawei, Orange Spain finalize the construction of 200 Gbps Backbone Network

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Huawei and Orange Spain have finalized the construction of national network, featuring long distance transmission with the largest capacity in the world – up to 96×200 gigabits per second (Gbps), which will cover distances of almost 1,000 km without regeneration.

Thanks to the Flexgrid technology of optical multiplexing, this new Orange Spain network will reach a total capacity of 19.2 Tbps in a single pair of fibers. This will allow the operator to be prepared for the challenges posed by the deployment of 5G technology, and develop its transport capacity for 4K video whilst also optimizing its wholesale business.

The construction of this 200 Gbps backbone network arises from the successful consolidation of the different DWDM telecommunications network infrastructures, which were coexisting after several mergers. It is an unprecedented project for the communications sector in Spain and, it should be noted that there is only one other similar reference project in Europe.

With this project, Huawei has demonstrated once again the level of maturity and quality that it can deliver in Spain, both in terms of equipment and local service capacity.

It should also be noted that Orange Spain, with the collaboration of Huawei, has achieved 100% satisfactory consolidation of these networks, assuming an example of efficiency with this type of operation, and is a standout achievement in the European field of telecommunications.

For Orange Spain, this consolidation of infrastructure contributes to the improvement of network operation efficiency, accelerating the time-to-market of new services and giving its end users an optimal experience. This helps to further reinforce Orange’s position as a top tier operator in the Spanish market.