Huawei Debuts Cloud Communications to Propel ICT Transformation


At CommunicAsia 2016 in Singapore, Huawei debuted Cloud Communication, an end-to-end communications solution for Personal, Home, Enterprise and Vertical that will enable operators implement network evolution, service innovation, and business model transformation by means of all cloud, full openness, and redefined service experience.

Themed “Reframing a Colorful Communication Life,” Huawei representatives and participants discussed the technical and business challenges as well as the latest developments in the ICT industry.

Wang Songtao, Vice President of Huawei Cloud Core Network Product Line, said, “The communications in ICT field has always been a focus of Huawei Cloud Core Network. We are committed to enriching life through communications. Cloud Communication aims to construct an open communication platform and a sustainable industry ecosystem while providing communication solutions to personal, home, enterprises, and verticals, facilitating ICT transformation.”

The explosion of smart terminals and mobile Internet creates unprecedented challenges for operators. With the rapid development of social applications, end users are no longer satisfied with just voice and text services but demand for a ubiquitous multimedia experience. In particular, real-time video has become an indispensable part of everyday life.

As an important conveyor of information, video has been widely used in all industries, from entertainment to communications as well as distant learning and telemedicine. Thus, it is important for businesses to capture the opportunities of real-time video to get a market share of the sector.

Huawei Cloud Communication Solution

Based on a unified cloud platform, the Huawei Cloud Communication solution is set to redefine user experience.

The V2oLTE (Voice and Voice over LTE) solution provides dual HD services to individuals to improve personal communication experience and implements evolution to a genuine All-IP network. With HD voice, HD video, and rich media communication, it strengthens relationships with users and consolidates voice revenues. Huawei has extensive experience with VoLTE deployment. Based on quick service inheritance, minimum changes to live networks, and flexible terminal adaptation capabilities, Huawei shortens the time to market (TTM) for VoLTE services to under six months.

The Enterprise Communication solution integrates all communication methods and scenarios and provides a unified architecture and management system to offer the same communication experience for different enterprise users. The solution supports the deployment for private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud.

It helps enterprises build their own communication and collaboration platforms as needed, heightening competitive edge and efficiency. In addition, Huawei provides a variety of terminals to meet requirements for different scenarios such as meeting rooms, office desktops, SOHO, and business trips.

The Cloud Video solution aggregates various video capabilities of operators, such as video call, recording, encryption, and analysis. It provides large-screen video communication for families as well as services in verticals (for example, telemedicine, remote education, and video customer services). This solution helps operators make video services as a new basic serice, thus increasing revenue.

The CaaS (Communication as a Service) solution promotes crowd-sourcing service innovation as well as business model transformation, helping operators implement ubiquitous communication and build a win-win industry ecosystem through APIs and SDKs.

By bringing message, voice, video, conference, and collaborative communication capabilities as well as user data to different applications, operators can implement ubiquitous connections and communication between humans, things, and organizations. Embedding communication capabilities into the business process improves enterprise efficiency and service innovation.

Huawei has established a comprehensive alliance, with over 1,000 partners across more than 17 industries. With communication requirements in constant flux, Huawei will continue to collaborate with partners to provide end users with innovative communication experiences.

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