How to Improve Customer Experience in a Contact Center


Traditional call centers have evolved into modern day contact centers with more channels, data, customer self-service, new agent skills, and cutting-edge technology. Call centers relied heavily on the voice channel whereas contact centers do that through omnichannel services: email, chat, instant messaging and more.

To ensure a profitable future companies need to prioritize  good relationships with their customers. This means services need to meet customer expectations and help companies reach their goals. Here are a few key ways to keep service standards high.

Listen to your customer

Feedback from your customers can be invaluable to understanding how to adapt your services. Positive feedback lets you know what to replicate in other areas and negative feedback what to change. It is also important to review this regularly as the customer service industry can change rapidly. Odigo is a leading provider of Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions. Their technology can help provide the services customers want and the adaptability to customize certain features to meet individual needs. This can enhance both customer and agent satisfaction. 

Make use of the latest technology

Modern cloud-based technology has a great many advantages; AI-enhanced automated services, data analysis, hybrid working capabilities to name just a few. Odigo’s CCaaS solutions harness technology to enhance both agent and customer experience while giving real business benefits. Verint is another example of a brand that offers an excellent customer experience, with software that leads to differentiated experiences for engaged customers.

Create genuine customer relationships

Understanding your customer’s needs helps to personalize services and offer greater value. This understanding when delivered by agents who can really connect, not just follow a script, can create powerful experiences. A lot of customers don’t want to chat every time they contact customer services but taking the time to connect when they do will help increase loyalty and even create brand ambassadors. 

Use the right channels

Customers often have queries outside of regular working hours or want to find information in a rush which they can come back to later. Using a mixture of channels gives customers the choice to interact the way that is most convenient at that moment. It is also true that offering multiple channels is now considered by customers as normal so organizations can’t afford to fall behind. 

Easy engagement

There is a lot of competition and customer services can act as a differentiator. One important thing to consider is how easy the services are to access and use. Sharing links, pop-up chat boxes or an IVR phone menu that is easy to use can make a big difference and a positive first impression that encourages customers to take the next step.