How People with Asperger’s Syndrome are using Technology and Internet?


Ever since the technological revolution, the technologies continue to conquer the world, with more and more devices and start-ups appearing. Now, it’s difficult to find a person who wouldn’t use the Internet and other technological benefits. However, the purposes of this usage vary.

Some use the Internet when they get tired of face-to-face communication or want to meet people worldwide. Others spend time on hookup websites . People with Asperger’s syndrome, a development disorder represented by the inability to interpret social cues appropriately, form an entirely different kind of group that uses technology for very specific goals.

Children with Asperger’s and Technology

Children with Asperger’s syndrome often have passionate interests focused on a specific area. They can’t handle communication as neurotypical people do it — they tend to be more technology-savvy because the technologies are not just their preference, it’s their way of life. Children join online communities to connect with those like them. The ability to hide one’s presence on the site or online status help them avoid pressure from their peers who might demand instant replies to their messages.

For better development, the computers of such children should have a special kind of hardware. By providing them with computer-generated tasks, their motor skills improve. Touch screens help children with  Asperger’s navigate through various programs more easily as this way, they can directly associate their action with the result they achieve. Big Keys keyboard is useful for younger children as vowels and consonants have different colors, which helps them understand language peculiarities easier.

LAN cafes and gaming clubs are other places that children with Asperger’s frequent. They provide a united yet more distance form of communication that they can adapt to with relative ease. This way, technologies help such children build the communication they feel comfortable with.

Adults with Asperger’s and Technology

Adults with Asperger’s syndrome often choose jobs connected to technologies. More than that, there are many prestigious companies that prefer to hire such people in particular. Namely, such companies include:

  • Microsoft;
  • Aspiritech;
  • Numerous Silicon Valley organizations.

In 2015, Microsoft announced its partnership with Specialisterne, a Danish social innovator company, and the increase in their autistic people hiring processes. Adults with Asperger’s tend to get the positions of programmers or software analysts. They know the systems and can work without distractions that neurotypical people often succumb to.

Aspiritech is a company that provides domestic software testing and QA services. It hires only autistic people, using the advantage of their meticulous attention to details and empowering them. Being diagnosed with autism is the primary requirement in their HR process.

Silicon Valley also favors people with Asperger’s. Being less sensitive to social peculiarities, they are not influenced easily. It means that their ideas are often more creative and innovational.

People with Asperger’s syndrome are often focused on technology as it facilitates their life, communication, and provides them with job opportunities. From childhood, these people learn through technology because typical ways of communication make them comfortable. As the result, they are technologically-savvy and innovative.