How Indosat Ooredoo is Reinventing Contact Center Experience


With a vision to be Indonesia’s leading digital telecommunication company, Indosat Ooredoo seeks to enhance customer experience and agent productivity by embedding digital in all customer interaction.

Indosat Ooredoo collaborated with IBM Indonesia to modernize its contact center using Salesforce solutions and IBM GarageTM methodology which helped Indosat Ooredoo to reduce the average handling time by 50% and average speed to answer by 90%.

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As a country with the fastest developing telecommunications market in the world, driven by growth in both mobile and fixed broadband subscriptions, Indonesia is a developing market supported by strong economy.

Expanded coverage, greater affordability, service improvement, increased data usage and smartphone penetration are the main drivers of growth in telecom sector in addition to internet user in this country. As part of its digital transformation journey, Indosat Ooredoo would like to provide its customers with the best digital experience through its contact center services, hence transformed from traditional interaction into hub with a more complete “know a customer” approach and provide personal experience, interconnected, fast and seamless.

Tan Wijaya, President Director IBM Indonesia said: “The entire landscape in which organizations worldwide operate has changed this year where customers and employees became homebound and supply chains and industries were largely disrupted. Indosat Ooredoo knew that they needed to pivot, and fast. By working together with IBM using our Salesforce solution and IBM Garage™ methodology to modernize its contact center, the telco embraced digital in all customer interactions, allowing them to elevate customer experience and enhance agent productivity.”

The implementation of newly developed integrated digital contact center (IDCC) reflects an evolving change through an intuitive system that is helping service agents provide the best possible experience to subscribers more efficiently. The customer dashboard is now seamless and has all the information available at the click of a button which has helped reduce average handling time and improve the number of customers serves.

Ritesh Kumar Singh, Chief Marketing Indosat Ooredoo said “The two important pillars as the key of transformation are the great customers experience and empowering customers. Our strategic partnership with IBM will help us to execute our digital strategy in understanding and delivering customer’s need. The solution is a part of our commitment to provide the best digital experience through our biggest touchpoint contact center to be more personalized, interconnected, fast and seamless”.

Some of the new features of the Integrated Digital Contact Center includes:

Co browsing function which allows agent to access customer’s details in one place in real time.

Knowledge management feature which enable agent to easily search articles for developing a deeper understanding of their work.

Community portal which provide access to customers to be part of discussion, view conversations and read knowledge articles.

Self-helped portal which allow customers to login, raise new complaints, complete operations and additionally view profile, billing, quote and package details.