How Indosat Ooredoo is Empowering People with Disabilities


Indosat Ooredoo, the leading digital telecommunications company in Indonesia, is always committed to supporting the empowerment of young people using inclusive technology and the distribution of digital talent, including through SheHacks and IDCamp, which also target people with disabilities. Both programs share one common goal: to find relevant real-life solutions to grow digital talents and the digital economy in Indonesia.

Through SheHacks 2021, an innovation program to empower more women in tech, Indosat Ooredoo has announced Ruang Terang, a disabilities-friendly app, as one of the Best Three Winners this year. Ruang Terang presents a solution for people with disabilities by creating a broader space to access formal and informal education and connect with disabilities communities.

Developed by the Triasih Team, three inspiring women is behind the invention of Ruang Terang, namely Jihan Nurul Qomariah Khalishah, Rizki Alfitri Ramadhani, and Alifia Putri.

As a web-based app with disabilities-friendly software, Ruang Terang provides three services, consist of Smart Room, Creative Room, and Inclusion Room. Such services seek to increase the education level, personal skills, and awareness of people with disabilities. Ruang Terang differs from other educational platforms since it presents video tutorials with sign language and braille. The platform provides several unique features, including talkback, live transcription, group chat, live chat with tutors, a discussion forum for parents, and a consultation session with a psychologist for special needs.

To cultivate Ruang Terang into a real-life and sustainable solution, Indosat Ooredoo provides a buddy and mentoring session for four months to the Triasih Team, who developed the Ruang Terang solution and networking sessions with potential global partners for the possibility of co-developing and even funding the platform.

Apart from SheHacks, Indosat Ooredoo also supports the empowerment of people with disabilities through the IDCamp program, a scholarship program to unleash young Indonesian developers/programmers whose ready to compete in the digital economy world. Since its establishment in 2019, IDCamp has provided scholarships to learn coding for 1,512 people with disabilities. At the end of the program, Indosat Ooredoo collaborates with Dicoding to help the IDCamp’s best graduate obtain certification and broader access to career development for better job opportunities.

SVP – Head of Corporate Communications Indosat Ooredoo, Steve Saerang, said, “Indosat Ooredoo believes that efforts to utilize digital technology must be inclusive to be able to provide optimal benefits for all levels of society. The programs we have developed, such as SheHacks and IDCamp, share a simple commitment and goal: to empower young people by the inclusive use of digital technology and the breeding of digital talents, including people with disabilities. Through this commitment, Indosat Ooredoo ensures that the younger generation can actively contribute to building Indonesia as a Digital Nation.”