How GOQii is Edging Competition with Superior Quality, Enriching Experience


At a time when there are a number of fitness bands trying their best to get a strong footing in the Indian market – GOQii is able to create big differentiation in terms of delivering superior quality coupled with an equally enriching experience to its user community in India.

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As a result, the company’s product is becoming more popular and leaving its competition behind.

In a super-crowded market of fitness trackers in India – GOQii is looking forward to make an impression by introducing a unique differentiator in terms of a real life coach to help one achieve individual fitness goals.

For GOQii, the smooth touch and feel of the fitness tracking device together with the coaching and the mobile app, it is delivering a unique experience for the end users.

The core of the GOQii ecosystem is sitting the GOQii Band. The band comes with a super smooth rubber body (it is by far one of the best rubber that we have seen when compared with other fitness trackers). And additionally, the color combination provided in GOQii bands looks really cool to wear.

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The GOQii band logs sleep data of the user however, you need to activate sleep mode manually when you go to sleep, and deactivate the mode when you wake up. This is a bit tedious and perhaps the only negative point in this band.

GOQii in its new avatar!

GOQii has introduced new updates to its fitness band. As a result, the GOQii ecosystem now offers a unique combination of wearable technology, coaching counsel and the ability to support a cause that matters to users, bringing seamless lifestyle changes that help the body, mind and soul.
Key Features
•Superior battery life ranging from 10 – 12 days
•Enhanced aesthetics with a sleeker & slimmer design
•Currently available in three colours Persistent Red+ Black and Power Black in a unisex size
•A new metal lock offering a firm fit
•Special laser engraving further adding to the aesthetics of the band


GOQii App

All the information captured by the GOQii Band is synced via Bluetooth with the help of its GOQii App, and the app then sends the relevant information along with the data keyed in through the app, to the coach.

While it uses Bluetooth LE, it is important to note that GOQii band needs to be connected with your smartphone only when you intend to sync data. As a big advantage when compared with other bands – a user could select to keep Bluetooth off on your smartphone to save battery and only sync it when you need to connect on data points.

GOQii band also offers Karma points that get accumulated over a period of time based on your particular set of activities. This si where you can become a part of a larger initiative and it actually motivates you to do better and better. We found that this ‘Karma points concept’ is a great incentive helping this band to deliver a unique experience to the end users.

GOQii Coach

If you activate your GOQii account, you need to fill an online form with your basic information and details on your diet, levels of physical activity, sleeping patterns, history of illnesses, stress levels, etc and you will be assigned a coach who can help you better monitor your lifestyle and how much of exercise your body needs.

Big Advantages of GOQii Ecosystem

Dedicated coach
Completely Water resistant
Karma Points

The Possible Negatives

Manual sleep tracking
Average battery life

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