How Cellwise is Reinventing Innovation in Telecom with SON


Keeping its focus towards helping operators derive more value from their network investments, Cellwize, the innovative Self-Organizing Network (SON) solutions provider, is taking the lead to offer a Network Functions Virtualized (NFV)-ready SON solution for the telecoms community, this solution is multi-technology ready and fully multi-vendor compliant.

Oliver Guibert, General Manager – APAC interacted with Zia Askari from during the recently held CommunicAsia2015 exposition in Singapore.


What are your key focus areas today?

We are focusing our efforts in the area of Self-Organizing Network solutions space. With our latest NFV ready SON solution, mobile operators and CSPs will be able to take advantage from a powerful Centralized SON (C-SON) solution that self-optimizes 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE and supports the virtualization of network functions to drive network efficiency. This is exactly what they  need in order to do more with their existing network investments.

How do you look at emerging segments within the telecom space today? operators looking forward to monetize on data in a better way?

It is all going to back to delivering the right customer experience and this is where our SON solutions are helping operators gain on delivering the right kind of experience to their customers. We also connect our solutions to Big Data solutions or Customer Experience Management offerings at the operator level. All this helps us better integrate our solution towards helping operators deliver unique experience to their customers.

What is your go to market strategy for taking your solutions to the operators?

We have multiple strategies, we have a direct strategy as well as we have partners who help us position our products and solutions for the operators and CSPs.

We work with regional System Integrators who can be present in APAC region, as well as local geography focused system integrators. We also have technology partners with whom we have great relationships towards building technology oriented solutions for the market.

As far as geographic focus is concerned, we are looking at Australia, New Zealand, India and SAARC. We are always looking for good partners who can help us increase our market penetration.

Today a lot of operators and CSPs are working with multiple set of technologies – 2G, 3G and now 4G as well. How can CellWise help in achieving technological harmony?

That’s exactly our forte. With our SON solutions operators can reduce the amount of complexity in an operator’s network and help them gain more from their network investments.

If we look at the present network scenario, there is 4G where there is not much of an issue with network congestion. However, when it comes to 3G and 2G operators have a challenge towards fighting with congestion and capacity. We are ideally placed to help operators maximize their return on the existing technologies.

Operators will have to take care of the legacy networks and a lot of M2M activity actually happens on 2G networks.

Cellwize achieved the first step towards NFV by virtualizing its SON and application servers, delivering its optimization through virtual machines in NFV environments.

As a result, elastic-SON can be fully automated with other network functions in the cloud, making it the first such SON solution on the market today.

How does the company look at the emerging space of M2M or IoT today? Very soon we are going to see more than 50 billion connected devices?

As far as we are concerned, it is just additional traffic at the radio level that operators need to manage.  We are always trying to solve the issue of optimizing the network performance for operators.

What are some of the big innovations coming from your side?

Innovation is always quite close to our hearts and our customers rely on us to provide them future proof technology. This is exactly what we are doing with our latest offering on elastic-SON which is flexible and based on the demand and size of the network, can efficiently increase or reduce its performance capabilities for the operators.

This offering allows mobile operators to adopt a “pay-as-you-grow” roll out so they can tailor the optimization and performance to fit the network’s requirements.

With this approach, operators can now increase the number of virtual machines within a matter of a few clicks to strengthen performance of their network. 

When can we see your operations in India?

This could happen very soon. India is an important market and we have just started to make some inroads in this market – India and SAARC. We are talking to a few partners but we have not formalized anything yet.

Asia Pacific is a very important market opportunity for us. We already have some trials happening in this market. We have four trails happening in the Asia Pacific market today and we have great expectations from this market.