History of online slot invention


Gambling has existed since the first man appeared on the planet. Since then, the games have improved, got new rules and prototypes. In 2019, the online casino segment is rapidly evolving because players like places where they can spend/win money, have fun and have fun.

Most gamers come to online casinos to play themed slots, but not everyone knows when the first such games appeared and what stage of development they went through.

So, the first game models older than 120+ years. Given the so insignificant (in the scale of history) age, we are sure that you know who became the father of the first slot machine. Charles Fay (German immigrant in New Jersey) gathered the first game despite a serious illness and disappointing doctors’ forecasts. In 1887, Charles presented the “Liberty Bell” which consisted of 3 reels and 20 pictures. Even after the ban on slot machines, Charles had many orders for their production.

At first, Fay offered bars and restaurants to rent slot machines for 50% of the profits.

The business developed successfully and Charles Fay had enough arguments to enter into a collaboration with the Mills Novelty Company in 1907. A few months later, the duo released a new game called “Mills Liberty Bell.” New game models accepted five-cent coins and gave minimal payouts. In 1891, Sittman and Pitt company developed a new version of the popular slot machine based on poker. Accordingly, the payments were accrued for the poker combinations that fell.

Nowadays, all players know that fruit slot machines are representatives of the classics that will always exist in gambling. Card symbols on the reels were replaced with pictures with fruits (apples/cherries/watermelons/oranges). In addition, such game models had a large lever that triggered the rotation. Wins were awarded in gums. So the owners of slot machines avoided problems with the law and attracted many gamers.

The first large-scale changes occurred in the 30s, when the developers removed the bell from the slot machine. In addition, the games received a new design and some models were equipped with a double jackpot. After 10 years, these games were presented in all the bars and game halls that were very popular. A few years later, the slots brought the greatest profits to the casino. In 1950, electromechanical models with an engine appeared. Twenty pictograms were applied to each of the 8 reels and the RTP was about 80%. Thanks to an improved electromechanical technique, the slot paid out winnings automatically and could accept up to 500 coins.

All the listed slot machines were popular, but they didn’t offer players interesting plots and huge payouts. The situation changed when computers became more popular and the Internet penetrated every home. For casino operators, developers and players, these were new opportunities and ideas that were implemented with the help of new technologies and tools. The revolution took place in 1980 when Sircoma company released a video poker equipped with a computer. Some experts believe that the era of modern slot machines began with this model. After introducing the random number generator, visitors to the gaming rooms began to choose slots again and again. Developers began to look for new solutions, update symbols/combinations/control system and other nuances.

It is obvious that the virtual casino changed the gambling industry. So, entertainment became universal and everyone could play without leaving the room. On the Internet, developers have found a great treasure that helped find an individual approach to each gamer. Modern online slots are characterized by excellent visualization, original storylines and huge payouts. With the help of the slot, you can visit other countries, find the secrets of the Egyptian pharaohs and explore the underwater world by receiving payments and positive emotions. 

It is worth noting the presence of 3D graphics, various animation effects and sound that are combined with a simple control system. To expand the gambling audience, gambling content producers have offered projects with progressive jackpots. In such games, the jackpot increases after each bet, so it can reach several hundred dollars or even a million. Please note that each slot has individual rules that are described in the theoretical section. So, you can use Wild which replaces the usual pictures or Scatters that give Free Spins.

SBCAmericas say that slots have bright future. They are interesting, high-quality and profitable. They became the “time machine” that will move you into the last century if you want to enjoy the first game in the history of gambling. We are talking about “old-school” slots that are endowed with 3 reels and fruits, but at the same time they offer great payouts and some bonus options/special characters.

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Virtual gambling is still an unknown trend for many of us. This is a great entertainment and hobby, but if you have enough skills and knowledge then it will turn into a great income.