How Google is Flexing its Vision for Next Gen Smartwatch


Google has a clear vision for next generation smartwatch and this vision has a lot of flexibility. Google-owned Motorola has filed a new patent application with the USPTO or US Patent Office – for a smartwatch-like multi-hued device that has not only a flexible screen, but also a flexible body. Hence, the future of smartwatch could be more flexible than we thought.

This futuristic device concept features looks similar to a metallic watch strap made of links and grips that would bend the display. So, the display would also bend along with the strap and give an unparalleled flexibility and agility to the smart device.

The patent filing by Google suggests that this futuristic smartwatch can “include providing a flexible chassis module including a front portion having a channel and a rear portion; inserting a display module in the channel; and coupling an electronics module to the rear portion of the flexible chassis module.”

However, at this stage, it is not clear if the smartwatch would need flexibility at the circuit level, on the other hand its flexible design might take care of all the flexibility angles. But moving forward, this space of smartwatch is surely set to sizzle even better with such innovations and material level design improvements.