Good internet connection is essential for working from home


Working from home is an increasing way to make an income all over the world. And during the covid-19 pandemic this phenomena has grown even faster. But not all have jobs that can be done from home, and not all homes can serve as a workspace. For example, good enough internet connection and some space to work at in peace is essential and of course does the character of the job matter. Here some unusual occupations that might suit your quest for working from home.

  • Gambling

There are people who has their main income from gambling and casino games. Before the internet era it was necessary that you went to a land based casino or a betting room to be able to take part of betting. But now, with the internet being accessible to almost 50% of the Indian population it is possible for more people to play for fun or income. On websites like Gamblingtimes you can learn all about the basics of online casinos.

If you want to be able to have a go at casino games at any time you can be using your phone app for betting. Many of the big and serious betting sites from around the world has developed their own apps so that their players can follow the games that they have betted on live, wherever they are.

This type of income is very unsecure though, and you can never know when the next winning will come and how big it will be. So, you need to really make sure that you don’t get in depts that you can’t get out from. Gambling is also highly addictive, so it is not for everyone to get into.

  • Blogger

If you are passionate about something that a lot of others have interest in, you can start blogging about it. You need to be a good writer and be able to take good photos or film shooting to make it. But if you get a lot of followers, there are really good money to make. A tip is to look at others that are making a living of their blogs and try to figure out if they have a common “secret” to their success. For example, start with some of these top names of Indian bloggers.

Once the business sets of and you start to get followers it is a potentially really good way to make really good money. But the start is normally slow and need a lot of work.

  • Content worker

Businesses need to fill their websites with content, it can be anything from describing what they do to news about their products. This is often outsourced to others who are good at writing and to make the website feel alive and relevant.

The job as a content writer is not necessarily the best paid job, but it gives you freedom and a secure income as this a business that will stay and is growing. And if you get good at it and learn the tricks of fast and good writing you can make a decent and secure earning.