Global Asset Management Company Taps Zayo for Wavelength Solution


A global investment management company has selected Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. for a wavelength solution to connect the company’s data centers in the eastern U.S.

The project, part of an infrastructure transformation initiative, expands a long-standing relationship with Zayo, dating back nearly a decade.

Zayo will provide two fully diverse wavelengths rings for the customer. The rings will connect the company’s new data centers in the Washington D.C.-area with its headquarters. Zayo worked closely with the customer to design a solution that utilizes Zayo’s network, with buildout required for just one of several data centers.

Increasingly, firms in finance, healthcare and other sectors that rely on real-time technology require fully diverse networks to ensure availability for mission-critical data.

“We are excited to expand our relationship with this long-standing customer and help them achieve their objectives for this project,” said Andrew Crouch, president and COO at Zayo. “Our team is relentlessly focused on providing on high quality solutions and responsive, flexible service — the reasons we were selected for this project.”

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